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About Last Night…

This is coming to you a little late today my

I’ll be honest

I was up all night putting together
the upcoming events for the LostFit

[which is launching within the next 2 weeks]

but as I was up late I got to thinking about
why it’s so difficult for others to pursue
their goals..

Me included

To really take hold and go after what they

Whether it be to take their body to the next

Take their relationship to the next level..

Get a promotion or take their biz to the next

All things that would require massive action

I’ll be the first to admit there’s been many
times where I said I couldn’t do something
because I thought everything was against me

“No time”

“Don’t know how”

“It would be better if I wait till

“This isn’t going to work”

“Don’t have the funds to make it happen”

“This will be just like the last time”

Thoughts like these would linger around my
head for so long

That I would become paralyzed at the thought
of even making a decision to move forward

Sound familiar?

I’m sure you’ve seen it surrounding you before

People blaming their circumstances as a
justified reason as to WHY they can’t do

Whether it’s the government, their job, their
family life..

You name it

It will be everyone else’s fault [not theirs]

that’s stopping them from reaching their true
potential in reaching the goals they want

It’s a horrible cycle to be on and will only
lead down the path of regret and failure

I know because I’ve been down that path and
it never ends well

So for today I’d have you consider that it’s
not your current situation that’s stopping

It’s your mindset..

If you don’t take control of that first

Nothing will ever come to fruition for you

On that note

I leave you with this question

Where in your life are you letting your
‘circumstances’ dictate the outcome you truly
want across all areas of your life: body,
relationships, business..?

And Your mission is this

Find the area that you know you want to go
after something and just commit that know
matter what you will pursue it

No matter what the circumstances

Just Commit and DO

Logan ‘Mindset is Everything’ Henry

PS If you’re ready to breakthrough your
current situations and get on the fast track
towards results then click here

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