Its you who does this (accept it or stay stuck) -

Its you who does this (accept it or stay stuck)

Last week I had  a great conversation with LostFit
Elite member Patrick M.

Speaking about how powerful it is
to be inside of a group setting
with a group of guys who are on the
exact same mission as you to better themselves..

Then we brought up how most guys get it
are putting up a front..

Thinking they don’t need help..

Saying things like:

“I’m fine the way I am”

“I don’t need help, I already know it all”

“If only I had time”

I hear it all the time from guys I like to
refer to as “Reasoners”

All the reasons as to why they

can’t achieve what it is they’re after


that they are deep down hiding what they
truly want..

See, like your business or career…

Your Relationships

Your Energy to Keep Up With those around you

Your BODY does not lie.


You notice it, everyone else notices it.

Your body, like your success in everything
else comes down to your current REALITY…


Is why people choose to hide it

cover it up

with jokes

with sedation (booze, food, drugs..)

with anger

when deep down…

they’ve truly had enough

do they want to change….No

It’s easier to stay exactly as they are




This may sound harsh

But bottom line… it’s the truth

I’m all about optimism and think effort has
it’s merits but..

“What could be better, is as good as broken”

The truth might hurt, but it will damn sure
set you free

I like YOU…

have gone through the same things

*Making Excuses


*Blaming others for things that have happened

Problem is..the only person that can make the
difference in our lives is US…

I feel your pain

I’m putting in the work everyday to better
myself across all areas of life

Because getting what you want

“Is not about what you have to do…It’s
about who you have to become”

^^This is exactly what’s implemented and
taught within the coaching realm of LostFit

Changing Mindset

Is your first key to overcoming any obstacle,
especially when it comes to improving your

Why don’t you have what you want?

I can’t get in shape because _________________

^^Can you be certain without a doubt that
it’s true?

Take a moment, think about it, and apply for
a FREE blueprint here


Because the revolution of the modern man is
taking busy hard working guys just
like yourself..

-Have better relationships with the one’s
closest to them in life

-Finally ditched the depressed mindset and
are happier than ever

-Losing more weight, having more confidence,
more power, AND more sex by actually doing LESS
than they thought

And have their lives and bodies back on track better then ever before

Once you accept Reality..

Instead of being on the defensive

or running from it


if your finally ready to change

I’d recommend this


Logan “Stop Hiding” Henry

PS This was said to show you the reality of how things have gotten

The truth is what we all need to hear and most of the time people

hold back from telling it because they fear what might happen if they

actually accepted their own reality..

Listen, I get called out constantly by every one of my coaches and mentors

Sometimes its stings, but it’s the only thing that will spark something within me

to stop hiding

and START doing



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