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“No, it’s all lies”

” Do you think people honestly have tried
everything before to get in shape or do you
think they’re just using that as an excuse to
not actually get started with training..?”

^what a question I had been asked by
another coach..about people saying

‘They’ve tried everything’

to get back into shape or lose the pounds
they’ve packed on..

I’m hear to layeth the smack down of
truth-bombs on you here today amigo

I mentioned to her that I believe they’re are
2 sides to the equation

Scenario #1

They’ve been screwed before..

Look, with all the BS out in this so called
‘Fitness Industry’

It’s really hard to figure out what to do,
who to go to


Who to trust for that matter

You might have experienced this phenomenon
yourself before..

People laying promise after promise on YOU

yet never delivering 2 things that matter

1) Actual Results

2) An unforgettable Experience

So over time you end up throwing  away money at
various programs


Another cheap trainer down the road that’s
trying to get you pumped up by telling you

How great their lives are


Just how awesome chicken & brocolli is..(said
no one ever)

And you are just their thinking life’s
stressful enough

From your career

To your family life

That things aren’t always going to be
unicorns and sunflowers

I know what you’ve been through

and exactly where

Your hesitation lies

Then we have Scenario #2

(this one’s a doozy)

Those that say “they’ve tried everything”

but can’t ever see results are lying…

That’s right amigo, I said it

They’re lying to themselves

Going only by the story that plays back in
their head

“I’m just meant to stay this way”

“I haven’t worked out in forever, I don’t
want to embarrass myself”


The terrifying thought of..

“Will I be the fattest one there..?”

These stories in turn end up as
justifications as to why they can’t do

In this case

lose weight


get back in shape..

Let’s just say this person isn’t lying

They give it a go here and there..

but nothing ever changes

I’d have you consider that you haven’t given
it your all..

I mean if I put in a valiant effort day in,
day out

but never saw results

I’d prolly quit too


Use the same excuse:

“I’ve tried everything”

but let’s say your in this exact same

Putting in the efforts, but not seeing

I’d say you haven’t given your body a reason
to change

It took you a while to get your body in the
current state that it’s in

It’s going to take you a little more to get
your body to change..

So yeah

That sums up my rant for the day

You haven’t tried it all

Not even this here:


Logan ‘Just my 2 cents’ Henry

PS Keep believing those stories that you’ve
tried it all


and I promise you

the change you wish to see will never occur


Maybe it will

just change your story and get what’s yours

I’ll be here when you’re ready

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