The ONE thing you need to stop doing (if you ever want results) -

The ONE thing you need to stop doing (if you ever want results)

“Avoiding discomfort creates a life of discomfort because in the end you never get what you really want..and you just end up settling for less..”

You might be avoiding the discomfort of getting into shape.

Saying things like…

“I just can’t change my body”

“I just don’t have the time”

“It might work for everyone else but not me”

“I’m scared of what people might think if I change”

I hear it all the time from people I like to refer to as “Reasoners”

All the reasons as to why they can’t achieve what it is their after

See, like your business or career…

Your Relationships

Your Energy to Keep Up With those around you

Your BODY does not lie.

You notice it, everyone else notices it.

Your body, like your success in everything else comes down to your current REALITY…

This is why most choose to hide it and cover it up.

With sedation.

With laughter.

With anger.

With sex.

With drugs.

With work.

With alcohol.

When deep down…

They’ve truly had enough.

Do they want to change… No.

See, it’s easier to stay exactly as you are…




This may sound harsh.

But bottom line… it’s the truth.

I’m all about optimism and think effort has it’s merits but…

“What could be better, is as good as broken”

The truth might hurt, but it will damn sure set you free.

I like YOU…

Have been through the struggles many times before and I’m sure I’ve got more coming my way.

But, regardless of what’s happened to me before or what’s ahead of me, there’s one thing certain I know that won’t help…

Making Excuses.


Blaming others for things that have happened to me.

Because when it comes down to it… the only person that can make the difference in our lives is us…

I feel your pain.

I’m putting in the work everyday to better myself across all areas of life.

Because getting what you want

“Is not about what you have to do…It’s about who you have to become”

Is it easy? No.

But, just like everything else great you’ve achieved in your life nothing comes easy that’s worth having.

So today I ask you this my friend.

Where inside your world are you avoiding discomfort?

When you know the very thing your resisting will be the one thing you need to accomplish your goals.

And your mission is this…

Pick one thing you’ve been avoiding and just go after it.

Don’t wait for the “perfect plan.”

Don’t ponder the thought.

Just GO.

Logan ‘Just Go’ Henry

About the Author Logan Henry