Shaun's big secret...(to an unstoppable transformation) -

Shaun’s big secret…(to an unstoppable transformation)

“I had a goal to reach below 210 before my
upcoming beach vacation…”

Ahh the triple dots..

(the anticipation of awaiting an imessage
to come through..if you have an iphone you
know exactly what I’m talking about)

Next message..

“209.6….and I even had pizza last

^^This was the message I received early this
morning from my man Shaun P.

Loyal LostFit Family Member


All around great guy

Shaun has made progression every single week
during his transformation journey…

-Dropping at least 1.5 to 3 pounds of body
fat per week





Did I mention

He’s way more confident


Smiling from ear to ear..:)

What’s his secret..


He’s Listened



Applied the tools I’ve provided him with

Never making excuses

Never trying to go against the plan

Always showing up to every training
regardless of how he FEELS

Not so much of a secret is it my friend..

You might be thinking..

“That’s great for him, but he probably has
the time..”

No where near

Shaun is hard working busy professional, who
travels daily, constantly on the go..

Deals with Stresses both at Work and Home

On top of all the typical daily stresses he
faces and the little time he has..

He’s always

Showing up to put the WORK in

On point with his nutrition

Getting to enjoy foods he loves..


He’s eating pizza and still getting leaner


Constantly progressing and still
having a LIFE

Pre LostFit

He was facing your typical ups and downs:



-Constantly tired

-Feeling a lack of fulfillment

Terrified of what would happen if he didn’t address

these issues any sooner

Sure he’s tried putting in effort before..

The popular ‘at home’ workouts

Different diet fads

Going through endless motions at the gym ‘solo’

^^All efforts spread throughout a long period
of time with little to no outcome

See, Shaun took the time to invest himself

To become a part of something

Instead of just trying to piece things
together on his own..

As humans we tend to do everything in the
slowest fashion possible..

What might seem like a ‘Quick Fix’

The greatest workout DVD


My favorite..

The ‘perfect diet’

All just piles up to numerous different
attempts to try and

Cut Corners


Worse..”Save Money”

With little to no sustainable outcome

In reality you end up costing your self more

More of the one thing you can never get more


Equating to you getting the results you want
while actually getting spending more time
doing the things you care most about in your life

Enjoy time with loved ones


Doing things that make you happier

Regardless of what you decide to do with it

Time is limited

Tomorrow is never promised

Shaun realized this and took CONTROL of his
own outcome:

Logan “Go After It” Henry

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