How you can drink booze and STILL burn fat -

How you can drink booze and STILL burn fat

Why Alcohol Gets A Bad Rap

I can make a fairly accurate assumption that most fit pros, trainers, and diet “gurus” would be strongly against the presence of alcohol, especially when it comes to getting into better shape.

Usually, it’s seen as a huge hindrance on making any kind of progression in the area of fat loss.

There is a good reason for this so let’s get clear and take a look at the total picture.

When alcohol enters the body, it is unable to be stored. Our bodies only want to get rid of it due to the process of making alcohol, fermentation, where yeast breaks down sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide, blah, blah, blah. Long story short, various sources of sugars are used to create these beverages we enjoy, which is why we say alcohol has “empty calories”. It’s missing essential nutrients we need to survive.

The calories we ingest with alcohol only cause us to gain weight because it’s mostly sugar and our bodies convert sugars into fat. This is why alcohol isn’t considered a “good” carbohydrate, it’s sugar and sugar makes us fat.

In reality, the nutrients in alcohol don’t count but, it doesn’t mean you can’t dabble in a little fun.

Everything in moderation my friends.

Progress Halted

There are two sides to look at here:

  • Binge drinking until the break of dawn


  • The occasional drink (beer, wine, or liquor)

In the first case, “binge” drinking, there is no doubt that it interferes with the process known as lipolysis (aka fat burning), again all that sugar. This is not the way you want to go when trying to get/stay in shape.

In the second case, drinking in moderation,  lipolysis may occur but should not hinder your end state goals, not as much sugar.

All in all, everything in moderation.

Is there an Upside to Drinking?

If you can limit the amount of alcohol you drink, you will be doing yourself justice when it comes to staying fit but there always needs to be some balance, after all, you only live once. There is no upside to drinking when it relates to fitness, but don’t beat yourself up over a couple drinks.

If you try and go “cold turkey” and cut out alcohol entirely, which, let’s face it, is very difficult. Your mind and willpower will eventually have you going back for more, and usually in a big way, causing you to break down and over indulge on the liquid gold you’ve been holding out on.

So, keep things in moderation, be consistent with both your training and nutrition. This will help you make, and keep, long term results, which is key to overall success.

I always recommend “white or clear” liquor for my LostFit Coaching Family. The caloric intake is usually much lower and, for most, that “buzz” will happen much quicker.

Logan “Stay Thirsty” Henry

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