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3 surefire ways to become Unbeatable

So, if you want to start being the man who punches back, instead of the one who just rolls with the punches; then you’re in luck, my man.

Stop getting your ass handed to you by time, diminished energy, lack of confidence and, well, life. Take it back, you can’t go back in time, but you can restore the damage it has done.

So how do you start?

By taking on these 3 Ways to become Unbeatable: 

1. Give it all you got, DESPITE how you feel.

Whether it’s your success in fitness, family, or finance…

You need to face your fears.

There will be days that you’re on fire.

There will be days that you feel like garbage.

And when those shitty days come about, be willing to give
it all you got no matter what.

Like I tell all the guys I coach…

Perfection = Prison

If your trying to make life perfect, you’ll be greatly disappointed.

See, perfection doesn’t exist, not in anything and surely not in life.

Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready to make a change, go for it! You will overcome the challenges along with way, it’s our nature to survive, no matter what, you will be OK.

Do something every day, even if it’s ONE thing, to take you one step closer towards your goals and before you know it you’ll be there.

[If you need specific guidance to get the results you want–Click Here Now.]

2. Ditch the ‘BUSY.’

Stop focusing on tasks that don’t help you meet you goals.

Instead focus on the “Frame” for the week- your main objectives that will get you your desired, end result.

For example:

Shift your focus to things that will only result in growth and profit, cut out all busy work. What do you want? Take it.

Delegate the “busy work” out to someone else, at home or at the office. You must pick one niche, one thing you’re great at doing, to wildly succeed.

If your niche isn’t mowing the grass, answering the office calls, etc. Then DON’T DO IT, find someone who’s niche is to do the odd jobs you don’t want to spend YOUR time on.

As my mentors and coaches have told me before…

Delegate or DIE.

So, focus only a select few things that are CRITICAL for your results and your growth.

This will equate to more productivity and RESULTS for you.

3. Rest

Listen, I understand what it’s like to be on a roll with ideas and spend hours on end working on a project. Hell, I’ve said many times that I wish we didn’t need sleep.

I’ve changed my mindset and you must to if you don’t to backtrack your results and potentially lose everything else around you, including money, in the process.

Sleep is essential for success, working until you burn out is bad for your health, relationships and your business.

So, consider cutting off from all social media, emails, texts, phone calls, for a solid 24 hours. Shit, act like it’s 1974 and the nearest phone booth is blocks away.

It’s been proven that we, as humans, are addicted to rewarding behaviors, it’s our nature. We have a rush of Dopamine every time we hear that phone ring, get a text or receive a “like” on Facebook.

Take yourself back to a simpler time, it will allow you to reset your batteries and charge full speed ahead to DOMINATE anything that comes your way.


A little bonus for you.

What you focus on grows.

Focus on how your life is shit…

How everyone sucks…

How your relationships bore you…

How you never have time…

How you can’t afford things…

How you can’t do things for yourself because you’re too concerned about everyone else…

Focusing on the goal(s) you want to achieve, at work, at home and for your health will give you a more optimistic look on life.

So, there you have it…

3.5 sure-fire tips to help you become UNBEATABLE.

And, if you implement them right away; you’ll begin, not only, walk a little taller, but you’ll notice your tolerance level grow. Things don’t seem to be as bad as they once were, and life gets a bit easier.

Stop waiting and START taking action towards the things you want in life.

And if you find yourself ready to take action now…click here for a free 20-minute exploration session with me to help get you started on proven path, that works.

‘Til next time,

Logan Henry



How Cooper Saved Her Father’s Life

A true story about Hunter… and Cooper.

Cooper is 6 years old and is the beloved daughter of Hunter.

You see Hunter was 36 years of age, 50 pounds

Fed up feeling low of energy, lacking
self-confidence, always trying to hide his
gut, and was fed up of giving up on his
vision to get into better shape and lose the
excess weight he’d gained over the past 5
years or so.

Sound familiar? Continue on…

Imagine a real life Tony Soprano…

Minus the whole Italian and being in a Mob

And yes in case you weren’t aware James
Gandolfini (the guy who played Tony) was the actor who died in 2013,
aged just 51, from a heart attack.

He was a ‘Walking Time Bomb..’ according to
his heart doctor.


That guy…
Well Hunter is kinda just like him.

He has his own busy successful business,
leading from the front and constantly growing
his business to new heights (more on this in
a later post)

Yet he had told himself for quite some time
now (about 6 years)

“I have all I need, I am fine carrying around
this excess weight, and this gut doesn’t
bother me one bit…”

He told himself… yet deep down he didn’t
really believe that…

Sure he wanted support, the help, the
solution, but his Pride sort of kept him from
giving himself permission to get the level of
support and guidance he knew he needed…

He was too busy hustling and getting things
on his own for so long, that he felt he was
admitting failure if he couldn’t do this

Which of course, being I man, I totally get
as I’ve been there before.

See, everyone whose achieved results inside
some area of their life realize that going
solo usually doesn’t cut it, especially if
the results they’re seeking are going to be

Hunter is not a guy who’d settle for just
mediocre results.

He’d want the the same level of results he’s
used to experiencing inside his thriving
business…. in his Body and Overall
well-being… RADICAL results that people
would notice.

(If you need specific guidance to get the results you want–Click Here Now).

He also realized, would enable him to become
an even BETTER:

** Father

** Husband

** Leader

** Producer

And a much nicer guy to be around.. more calm
and less reactive towards things. Less
worried if he was going to let those he cared
for most down or be looked at by his kids as
someone who didn’t take care of himself.

Truth be told that’s what sparked him to take
action in the first place…

Because it wasn’t until his daughter shined a
spotlight on him by mentioning his weight.

And this is something that is happening
constantly with people all over.

So many people tolerate their current
situation for far too long, because they are
simply, lost, and unaware of how to get
support that will guide them to the
sustainable results they want.

Yes they tried things before, then fall off

So Hunter… was laying there in his bed
after his daughter had mentioned she’s 6
years old…

Like I mentioned above, her name is Cooper…

And she is his world.

But for a moment…

Hunter imagined what life would be like if he
missed out on experiencing life with her as
she grew older…

==> going to prom…

==> getting married…

==> starting a family of her own one day…

Not only this, but how she would perceive him as
she got older if he didn’t take care of
himself more.

Then it hit HIM…

For the first time in his life, he thought…

What would life be like for his daughter if
he wasn’t there because he let his pride and
ego get in the way of what really mattered

Who would protect her?

Who would make her feel safe?

Who would teach her things and be the role
model she looked up to?

Suddenly, Hunter put his pride in check and
left his ego at the door, realizing that
Cooper was the reason WHY he was finally
going to give himself permission to move
forward with what he’d been putting off for
far too long.

To ensure Cooper never has to experience
those pains of her father not being their as
the hero she sees him as.

Simply because he was too stubborn to do
anything about it.

What happened next?

Hunter… made a POWERFUL decision and got
some incredible RESULTS for doing so. (more on that below)

He had someone who had taken tons of guys
just like him through a step-by-step process
that would ensure his success.

He was given the guidance and support to push
past any limitations he might of had
before… to experience a complete lifestyle

Without even realizing it, Cooper had given
her father the greatest gift of all…

The gift of not only show up for her as the
BEST father he could be, but to show up for
his wife, employees and everyone else he
cared for the most as BETTER man.

She gave her father the ability to step
inside his own power and become a version of
himself that he had never seen before..a man
who’s now INVINCIBLE.

And if Hunter story resonated with you…

And you want your loved ones to
see you as the POWERFUL, strong, confident
role model like the one above…

Then click HERE to reach out and get some
support even if right now that means having a
powerful conversation to help get you

Logan Henry- Helping Busy Men Build Power, Confidence, & Courage through Fitness & Life.

P.S.- Click here to check out just some of
the results Hunter has created for himself.

9 Reasons You Won’t Reach Your Body, Business, or Lifestyle Goals

Looking for the ‘perfect plan’ instead of just
making things HAPPEN?

I’m afraid to tell you that perfect plan isn’t coming, my man.

And I’ll have you consider that perfectionism is just another form of

It’s not that you can’t lose weight, develop an unbeatable mind, better your relationships, or increase your business at a fast pace, it’s doing it right AND making these results last.

If you’re currently stuck in a rut across any area of life, here
are 9 reasons why progress isn’t happening.

1.) You’re efficient, but not effective.

You might have the motives in play to get things done fast, but
producing results isn’t about just doing things fast.

It’s about executing and effectively choosing to do the right things that will take you one step closer towards your goals.

2.) You’re a collector.

You’re constantly collecting information from books, articles, workshops, seminars, etc…

But, never executing.

I’ll have you consider information doesn’t equal transformation.

3.) Your habits aren’t in check.

You are not changing 1-2 habits at a time
and taking on a huge chunk only to find it
unsustainable. Prove to yourself you can do
smaller things first and build up to more
complex. (or more habits at once)

4.) You’re not consistent.

You lack consistency. Jump on one plan here or another there, but with no real plan in place or consistency, you must not question why you’re not getting results.

5.) You place blame on everything else (but yourself).

You don’t accept responsibility. You blame time/advice/genetics
before inconsistency and not doing behaviors that are in line
with your goals.

6.) You don’t have any accountability.

You are not accountable to anyone and
keep asking yourself why you fall off from
being compliant.

7.) You measure the wrong thing.

You’re measuring outcomes, not actions.

You can’t always control outcomes because of
genetics, variability, etc. but you can
control the actions that lead you to the
outcomes! Focus on the things you DO on a
daily vs. constantly checking your progress
and losing track of the actions that achieve
the goal.

8.) You’re not in a supportive environment.

Not having a support group and positive
environment. Environment is everything along
with the people that surround you and support
you (or in many cases, you’re surrounded by
people that DON’T support you – all the above
will be hard to overcome in that type of

9.) You wait.

You wait for 100% readiness.

Instead of just executing when you’re 80% ready.

Stop getting ready to get ready.
There you have it, my man.

9 reasons why you won’t reach your body, business,
or lifestyle goals.

Unless that is you finally stop waiting and
start doing.

Which reminds me if you’re interested in learning more about how busy Charleston men are unlocking unstoppable confidence, calm and POWER Inside of Their Bodies, Business, and HERE now.

Logan Henry

5 Simple Ways to Boost Energy, Superfast

So, you’re a high-level producer who starts
the day with off with good intentions…

Maybe you’re up early to get the day going
and decide to grab a quick coffee to ignite
some energy.

You’re good to go for a few hours, but by mid-
afternoon you start to feel a bit drained and
you’re now seeking some energy

Possibly a quick candy bar, another cup of
coffee or an energy drink to really put
things into overdrive.

Even after this, you get a quick burst of
energy, but still aren’t as productive as
you’d like to be.

Then evening hits and you have zero energy
left in the tank.

Leaving you…

Unable to switch off from work, so you can be
present for your wife.

Unable to keep as active as you’d like with
your kids.

Unable to calm your nerves after a long day.

Now this has you taking your work frustration out
on those you love the most.

Sound familiar?

(If you need specific guidance to get the results you want–Click Here Now).

Or, maybe you think to keep the hustle alive,
all you need to do is down countless more
stimulants, but…

all this does is fry your adrenal

Leaving you without the focus, the clarity, and
the capacity you need to perform at your highest

So, today I’m going to walk you through a few
simple ways to…

-Maximize Your Energy Levels

-Obtain sniper like Focus

-Become calm instead of reactive

-Increase your sex drive

-Decrease stress levels

All you have to do is follow the strategies below:

1. Hydrate- Often times low energy levels
kick in when you’re  dehydrated.

Aim for an intake of 1 to 2 liters a day.

Not only will this increase your energy
levels, but it will also enhance your
cognitive function. Allowing your focus to go
through the roof.

2. Take a step back from the chaos.

This can be easier said than done, but…

It is vital for recharging your energy
levels and increasing your production.

Consider taking 5 to 10 minutes a day to just
close your eyes and sit in silence.

Focus on counting your breaths.

Yes, your mind will begin to race, but if you
can concentrate on counting your breaths
every 20 seconds this will allow you to
remain focused.

3. Expand Time

Consider breaking your day into time blocks.

Meaning, set aside specific times of the day to take a quick break.

Somewhere you can go between completing your
daily objectives.

We think, to get all the work done, we need to
continuously work for hours on end, but
the reality is, most of those hours were
wasted doing less important tasks.

Find out what critical objectives, you know,
will help take you in the direction of the growth
you’d like to see and delegate the rest.

4. Start your day with Exercise

Whether it’s a 20-minute walk or a 20-minute
workout…Starting your day with movement
will automatically get your endorphins
firing and get your energy flowing.

5. Get Quality Sleep

Aim for 6 to 7 hours a night.

Studies have shown that being asleep during
the hours of 10PM to 2AM will increase your
natural growth hormone levels.

More growth hormone = Better Recovery.

Better Recovery= More Energy.

If, at first, you can’t get in a solid 7 hours.
Try shooting for more than your getting now and set a goal,
each night, to get a bit more sleep than you did the night before.

If all else fails taking a 20-minute nap during your day does wonders.

If you’d like more support and accountability
to stick to everything above, Click here for a free 20-minute exploration session with me to help get you started on proven path, that works.

Logan Henry

One-on-One Exploration Form Here:





Unsolicited Advice…

Whether it be at a nice restaurant, a nice
resort or even a classic cool wine bar, there
are plenty of these lurking about…

What am I talking about here?

I’m talking about the creepy, old, divorced

Usually in his late 60’s early 70’s.

He continuously roams about entertaining
others with his wisdom and experiences over
the last several decades.

And usually likes to drop down some
unsolicited advice.

For example:

Just last week the better half and I went on
an epic date night and as luck would have it
we encountered one of these guys during our
first stop.

Now, remember he likes to entertain so when
he sees new people enter his domain
(especially women) he’s on it like white on

And that he was, my friend.

The moment we sat down at our table he b
lined straight for us.

I won’t bore you with all the introductory
“hey, haven’t seen you guys here before.. and
the whole part about how he’d been divorced

Instead, I’ll cut right to it.

He looks me straight in the eye and says:

“When you get my age, son, there’s two things
that you’re going to enjoy the most. That is,
really nice cars and useless boners.”

Of course, this had both of us laughing…

And don’t get me wrong here, he was funny
as hell and had some good wisdom to drop off.

But under the sedation of the jokes and the
unsolicited advice he was giving…

What I saw from my perspective, was a lonely
guy who hustled his ass off to get the
success that he wanted, but he let everything
else fall behind with him.

And this is something I see too often, when
it comes to busy guys, who For years, they
sit there and they ignore everyone else
around them.

Eventually what ends up happening, is the
very thing that they’re working so hard for,
they end up losing.

Even though they seem jolly in their own way,
what they’re doing is searching for

They’re searching for connection they once
could have had, but lost because of being
blinded by always being “busy.”

This loss of connection eventually leads to
the same pattern of pure sedation.

Sedating with laughter, food, booze, porn..the
list goes on.

Listen, don’t get it twisted, I’m not here to
judge because I don’t know what my future
withholds or what kind of obstacles lie ahead
for me and my relationships

But what I do know is this.

I will make it my duty and my obligation,
every day, that not only will I show up for
my wife and do more than my very best to
provide for her and my future family.

I will also do everything in my power to
remain present and do what I can to be the
man, she met when we first started dating.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Most busy guys have this mantra of being
one-sided in a relationship and thinking that
because they provide that they can neglect
everything else that got them in that
relationship in the first place.

They either have completely let themselves go
inside their body, they let their
relationships go to crap, and they’re
constantly focused on the money.

When in the end, that hustle, hustle,

Just gets them to a point to where the very
things they were working so hard for they
eventually end up feeling empty and losing it

Becoming so miserable and disconnected that
they don’t know where they’ve ended up.

It’s an equation for an inevitable burnout.

that they were working so hard for,
eventually losing it all or becoming so
miserable and disconnected that they don’t
know where they’ve ended up.

It’s an equation for an inevitable burnout.

Consider today, that you have the ability to
show up as a high-performing machine every
single week.

And still have the ability to save that
precious time connecting with those you care
for most in your life.

Because here’s the thing, once you’ve figured
out instead of trying to be busy and hustling
and you’ve figured out how to leverage time
so that you can actually have a love life.

You can have a body with energy reserves to
be active for the long day after the work is

You can be a strong protector and an example
to your family, setting the higher standards
for you and them.

Put all that together, your bank account will
benefit right away.

Society is conditioned to be like, “Oh, well
I guess you’re successful,” so let’s just
turn our heads at the fact that you’re not
showing up as the man you should be for your family.

I say to hell with that..why not have success
and connection.

Because in the end, if you’ve lost
everything in between and you’re that lonely
guy, lurking about.. then take a second and
realize where your life is headed.

And if you want it to begin heading in the
right, direction so you can have success, sex, and REAL connection with those you love most.

Go here:


Coach Logan Henry- Helping High Level Busy Men Become Heroes

The 92% results “secret”

So it seems this time of a year flips somewhat of a
dimmer switch inside everyone.

Going into what I like to call:

Hibernation Mode

Saying things like:

‘Only a couple weeks away..When the New Year
hits, that’s when I’ll make a change!’

It’s strange, though…

For some have themselves convinced that
somehow massive change will occur once the
clock strikes midnight on the 31st of this

Thinking they’ll somehow have more time
available to be able to focus on themselves

Less Busy per say…

Isn’t it ironic, though..the same people that say they’re too busy now
will be the same ones that say they just don’t have the ‘time’ six months from now.

I’ll admit, though, my man…

I’ve been guilty of this as well.

“Next year things will be different, you’ll

And there lies the BIG problem.

Trying to convince ourselves that the ‘right
time’ is just around the corner.

Listen up.

There will NEVER be that time that lines up
perfect in your life (just like I’ve said

Which now brings me to my next point…


That’s the amount of people who in just a few
weeks time will think that somehow…

Osmosis will occur.

And the Results they’ve been longing for will
just magically appear…

Wrong reindeer..they won’t.

Sounds harsh.

But if you truly want to know who a man really is… take a look at his commitments.

And as I’ve learned from the coaches and mentors in my own life:

“The choices we make are ALWAYS in alignment with our deepest commitments.

By examining what we have and what we don’t
have.. we are able to uncover and see what we
are TRULY committed to.”

Logan Henry

PS- How much longer are you willing to tolerate your current reality?

If the answer is no HERE.

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