How to shave weeks off getting results -

How to shave weeks off getting results

Regardless if it’s shedding the pounds,
getting lean, becoming fit


Just reaching your full potential in any area of life

Psychology will play a huge role in your
overall success (don’t worry, not going to
start playing therapist with you here
my man..this is important though)

Focusing on the point of dropping weight or
getting more defined…

Let’s dive deep into progression so you can
finally, start seeing actual results.

Breaking down your diet…

I hear it all the time from people.. “Diet’s
just don’t work for me”

You’re wrong…

Diet’s do work…at least the one’s that are
fit specifically for you

The problem is that most people jump between
one diet to another without really in sense
of direction


Worse, they hear the cliche advice just “eat
clean” and you’ll be fine

First off when it comes to “eating clean”
your body has no idea whether you’re eating
“clean” or “dirty” foods..(more on this rant
for a later post)

Most will start a diet with good intentions,
but they’re usually just going through the
motions with no real plan of action…

When the Struggles Come Out To Play

As soon as things start get tough or
temptations start to occur in your life.

You end up falling into the same bad habits
you had once before.

Using the typical excuse “nothing will work
for me”


“Why Bother”

—The Inevitable Plateau—

It’s going to happen I promise you

You will plateau, but you need to know how to
fix it once it happens

In the initial stages of your transformation
journey you begin to see progress…

Start losing weight at a rapid rate, you feel
incredible, you’re feeling as confident as can

Then it happens

Progress comes to a halt and you decide to
try and trick your body by cutting even more
calories in your diet…

Wrong move chief…

Your body will fight back making you
eventually, surrender and fail yet again.

The Problem Thinking Short Term…

We live in the society of instant

So getting things fast is just the norm…

But when it comes to losing weight

Shedding the pounds or just getting fit you must be clear and set
expectations that can be progressively met.


The Path to Success


In order to achieve lasting Results you must
think long term…

Create a plan of action that has you
gradually losing weight throughout a specific
period of time

It’s time to go beyond the quick-fix..because
if you don’t you will remain exactly the same





Because you tried putting the effort in, but
in reality, you didn’t reach the goals you set
for yourself.

Instead of Focusing on what you don’t have

Focus on how far you’ve come (hear me out)

Before you started your transformation
journey, how did you feel?

Always Tired and Rundown…

What did your daily routine look like?

Get home from a busy day of work, crash
instantly because of how exhausted you were…

How did you used to eat or move?

Little or a lot?

We tend to beat ourselves up if we haven’t
accomplished our biggest goal…

However, the very reason most are stuck is
because they are forgetting to celebrate the
small wins

Getting Real with Yourself Where are you at
right now?

Being honest with yourself is a tough thing
to do, but it can be the one thing to
allow you to gain momentum in your
overall transformation.

99.99% of the time it’s often something small
that you’ve been ignoring, you’re not missing
out on some magical formula.

**Are you staying consistent with your training
and getting in at least 3 days a week?

**Have you been consistent with your overall

**Are you getting enough sufficient sleep?

**How’s your hydration?

These little things

Though they seem small will amount to RADICAL
results if you just stay consistent with all
of them

Where in the world are you going?

I’m serious here

Most people get caught up in the quick-fix
and don’t realize that a true transformation
is backed by firm habits that don’t just come
into play overnight…

Results Aren’t Linear

Your body is smart and will try to remain in
homeostasis (the current state of your body)
as long as it can

If you try to cut in terms of calories or the
dreaded mistake of cardio overload…

Then you, my friend will lose this battle

Facing Truth

Two things to take into account..(seriously
write this down)

1. Weight loss will never ever happen in a
linear fashion

2. Stop worrying about the scale. Scale
weight is very inaccurate and serves little
importance in terms of measuring your

overall progression (keep reading for more on

Whether it’s water retention, food intake,
training, gaining lean muscle or filled
glycogen levels

Your weight will fluctuate on a daily basis

Why Measuring by “Weight” Alone Sucks

I understand, it’s a tangible number to
track..there’s just much better (more
accurate) ways to depict progress

Don’t get me wrong you should write down the
progress that you have made from week to
week, but…

Things like body fat measurements and updated
progress photos will give you a more accurate
reading of your overall progress

In the end, it goes further than “Hey, how
much weight have you lost..?”

The real question is…

How does your body look and most important
how do you feel?

If you lost 30 pounds of fat (that’s more
than awesome), but are you flaccid looking
with no real definition and you still aren’t
happy in your own skin…

Then please tell me again, why scale weight

Bringing it All Together

Enjoy your journey of change and let it be

Avoid the quick fix, focus on long term

Celebrate the small victories

Stop obsessing over your weight and finally…

Be consistent and overall be ruthlessly
committed to lasting change

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