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Avoid this CRITICAL error for ‘losing weight’




^ all symptoms my man Ben from the LostFit
Elite Coaching arena was going through the other day

Why was he so damn excited?

We’ll he got to indulge..

Indulge in some serious food porn that is..

Ice Cream



Pop tarts

Fruity Pebbles <—-(my personal fav)

^everything that goes against the typical ‘chicken and broccoli’ dogma of what you hear within the fitness realm

orĀ from your at best ‘average’ trainer

Let me explain my friend..

See, when Ben started inside the LostFit elite

He was facing the same daily struggles of having:

-Low Confidence

-Zero Energy



-Fed up with going through the motions solo at the gym

(he thought cardio was the answer to a leaner, more defined body)

And he needed the proper guidance, knowledge and ACCOUNTABILITY

to catapult him to a transformed new man by going through here:


as his journey continues over the last 6 weeks he has got to see the benefit of dropping tons of body fat

(he’s closing in on single digits–>ABs are

on point)

He’s able to stay lean without any effort

all while keeping a balanced lifestyle

^^Which is absolutely key when your living
life in the fast lane

***Back to the him tearing into some

now that his body is in a leaner state he’s
like a machine

he holds to a specific diet protocol that’s
easy to follow and is individualized for him

It’s designed so that he can enjoy the
occasional splurge

(we call this the re-feed)

This splurge helps increase his fat burning
hormones significantly

giving his body the chance to optimize fat
loss and give everlasting RESULTS

Every nutrient that he takes in is now able
to be delivered to the right places and not
equate to any fat storage

This is KEY to continuos progression and dropping
body fat like no bodies business

It needs to be strategic and specifically fit for you and
your end state goals

Along with all the other busy working peeps inside the elite family

Ben has learned that you can transform
your body all while

–> Still Eating foods that you enjoy

–>Having the Occasional Beer or 2 with family
and friends


–>Not Spending Countless hours in the gym

^All positives that come along with being
apart of the Family that is LostFit

Logan “The Indulger” Henry

PS- If your confused on how exactly to get your
overall training and nutrition on point

and you’re tired of the constant overload of dogma that
floods you on a day to day basis

than click below and we can have a conversation to see how you can get an exact
blueprint to collapse time

and ACCELERATE your results fast all over here:











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