How Diets make you FAT -

How Diets make you FAT

So I’m sure you’ve been here once or twice
before my good friend…

You know…

Promised the latest and greatest:

‘Cutting Edge Diet Plan’

That’s usually backed by some celebrity who
swore up and down it would get you results…

So you buy into it and get super excited, but
just like last time…it fails you.

It’s not your fault, though.

You’re just doing what you know to be best
(or what you’ve been told is the best for

This is exactly where the problem lies my
friend in the things I hear especially from

‘I just need help with my diet’

Yes and NO.

The diet can’t be cookie cutter and if it

It will NOT last and it will NEVER be

When I hear those say things like:

“I just need a meal plan to follow and I’ll
be good”

I simply beg to differ because in my most
humble yet accurate opinion…

The problem with meal plans is they aren’t
tailored to you and your overall goals.

You might think they are because you saw a
buddy of yours drop tons of body fat because
of some ‘magic’ plan he tried before, but
that doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you.

Matter of fact it can work against you and
make you gain unwanted weight.

Tailored nutrition is what will reap the most

Something every busy guy that goes through
here is very familiar with.

However, the diet usually isn’t the issue.

It’s combining everything into your specific
body profile.

For YOUR specific goals…





FOCUS 4 and makes you truly POWERFUL.

That’s why just going for a mundane training

Then trying to skimp out on some cheap
‘cutting edge’ diet plan is doing more harm
then good and it’s exactly the BS that each
member within the LostFit Elite family has
become numb to and are finally piecing the
ENTIRE puzzle together.

Which reminds me…

If you’re serious and ready for a more
tailored approach to get you the results you
want in half the time…

Just click here and I will reach out to you
soon to design you a plan that’s fit
specifically for YOU.

Coach Logan

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