All hail the DESTROYER of 'Discipline' -

All hail the DESTROYER of ‘Discipline’

Let me tell you a story:

Back when I was a young lad

Sporting oversized clothes and a classic bowl

I had a tendency to over indulge in movies

I’ll be the first to admit variety wasn’t my strong suit

I would literally watch the same ole movies over
and over again..

It drove my parents mad

Repeating every line like a talking parrot

One line in particular that always rings a
bell in the back of my head was from the
Schwarzenegger Classic:

“Kindergarden Cop”

Where Arnold goes undercover as an elementary
school teacher (talk about believable)

In one scene he tries to get the classroom in
line by shouting:

“Come on, stop whining, you kids are
soft…you lack Discipline..!”

What a way to try and calm down a bunch of 5
year old kids to comply and fix their behavior by
demanding discipline..

Kind of nuts right?

Which brings me to my next point (and how
this applies to you getting the results you want)

Achieving your goals doesn’t come down to the
fact that you lack discipline

It comes down to the fact that you haven’t
built sustainable habits

Strong Habits = Lasting Change


We all have habits

Some are good

Some are bad

but I’d have you consider that if you put all
your energy on instilling great habits that
‘discipline’ itself will become effortless

Now, how do you go about such a task..

Let me explain

Most will tell you that it take 21 days to
establish a new habit

Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you otherwise

Studies have proven that it actually takes a
person 60 days to instill unbreakable

Trust me, I was bummed to figure this out

but I can tell you from my own experience in
coaching busy guys

That staying consistent with something for at
least 60 days will pay off in a BIG way

And if you achieve greatness within 60 days

Imagine what you could pull off in 90 days

Which is the exact amount of time I will show
you how to achieve Unthinkable Results inside your body and the rest of your life in my upcoming
launch of the NEW LostFit Xperience:

A 90 day catalyst for the modern busy man to
achieve more in less time

Giving you the ability to generate strong
habits that equate to long-term, sustainable
Results that carry over in all areas of your life

I’ll leave you on this note

Where in your life do you need to stop trying
to equate discipline towards achieving your
goal and instead focus on building strong
habits that last a lifetime?

In your:

Body Relationships Career..

And your mission is to choose one habit in
any of those areas

and go after mastering just ONE for the next
60 days

Oh and for more information on the upcoming
modern man Xperience..

Go here:

Logan ‘You (don’t) lack Discipline’ Henry

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