You will never get results until you do this -

You will never get results until you do this

Giving it a go here and there doesn’t ever
cut it

Especially when it comes to reaching success
across all areas within your




It comes down to one simple thing:


It’s the only..

I repeat

the ONLY way

You’re going to get true RESULTS that last

We tend to live in a society where

‘Instant Gratification’

is like an addicting drug that we can’t seem
to get enough of..

Once we get a little taste of it we tend to
get all fired up

I understand you’re only doing what you think
might be right

but the ‘quick fix’


the ‘cheap programs’ out there

Only give you the moment of ‘feeling good’

for about 2.5 seconds

Then all the sudden you come down


Life throws a curve ball at you and

Smacks you right in the face

See, these only work to get you started

Acting as a mere catalyst to getting you what
you really want

Problem is, it can only get you so far

That’s why to succeed you must get radically


What you want

Why you want it

What Path will you take get you there


What Plan will get you your desired outcome

When I talk to with people on a mission to
change their lives

I have them tell me their ultimate goals


after that

If they can’t give me a good reason as to why
these goals are important to them

I know when obstacles begin to occur in their
life during their transformation

They won’t have enough energy to keep moving
them forward

I’d have you consider implementing small

CONSISTENT habits daily

Then trying to hit

A damn home run every time you want to
achieve something

Magic will happen

Just sit back for a second while you’re
reading this

Think what it would be like to have a

Blueprint specifically tailored for your

that will guide you step-by-step along your
transformation journey

You not only get results (physically and

but they are there to stay

LONG term

If you keep talking about all the great
things you plan on achieving

-Losing Weight

-Being more active

-Fitting within your clothes better

-Showing up for your partner by the renewed
body you’ve created

-Conquering everyday as if it were your last

Then You will achieve

Absolutely nothing

You MUST do the work needed to constantly hit
your goals

I’m here to keep things real with you and not
tell you what you want to hear

I care about you getting true results

The moment I started associating myself with
people who were willing

to tell me like it was


Call me out on my BS when I needed it

Gave me the chance to level up and make
massive changes

that would better my life ten fold

Associate and surround yourself with those
who are willing to tell you like it is

So you get what you actually want

Instead of a false sense of reality

Just like the association everyone gets in

Logan ‘Real Talk’ Henry

P.S If you’re really struggling to see that
the better you are the better everyone else
around you is


You OWE it to yourself to give more to those
who are closest to you then give it a go

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