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The classic case of overwhelm.

That feeling you get when trying to take on

the world.

It happens, but there’s always a way out of it.

Yesterday overwhelm took hold.

I woke up with a simple goal to take the day

and use it as a recharge.

When your at it non stop

sometimes it’s hard to remember what’s actually


Same concept goes for exercise and getting fit

(lean and shredded)

If you don’t know what your shooting for

(what’s essential)

than your wasting your time.

You must follow a simple periodized program

and a well rounded nutrition plan

Something LIC members are fully aware of.

Flashing back to the concept that others have

on dieting..

“I should Eat Less, To Lose More”

I knew I needed to dive a little deeper to

clear things up on this mindset.

We know the basic concepts:

Lose Weight: Caloric Deficit

(we want to lose fat not weight)

more later on this..

Gain Weight: Caloric Surplus

Sticking to the premise of “fat loss”

You have a huge event that’s coming up a

couple months down the road

Wedding, Vacation, Whatever..

Your goal is to lean up

and maybe see an ab or two.

———What Not to Do——–

1. Starve yourself to the point of no return.

2. Do endless amounts of cardio. (If you like

to run, please stick to intervals via


3. Give yourself only 2 weeks to

prepare..expecting a miracle.

——–The Solution——

Implementing proper techniques to get

Leaner, Faster

is simple.

I dive into countless strategies for you to take action

and start seeing the Results you want

Your Source to Lean:

I cover ways to amplify your body to a lean state quickly..

having you look more like Christian Bale as


Instead of Christian Bale as The Machinist

(If you haven’t seen the machinist, Bale

looks quite disturbing)

Logan “The Essentialist” Henry

New Vid is now up for the Inner Circle: ” Get Lean, Faster”

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