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True story:

A few years back I was at a business
conference with some high-level businessman
and entrepreneurs from around the world.

The day started out fine with all of us
getting to know one another and sharing some
insightful stories.

As the day went on things started to shift in
a direction none of us were really expecting.

One of the head coaches leading the
conference began to start asking each of us a
simple question.

“What do you really want?”

The first few people in the room began to
answer the question.

Shouting out vague answers of what they
thought they wanted.

Well it turned out those vague answers cost
us all.

Because out of nowhere he looked each and
everyone of us in the eye and said:

“You’re lying…”

On an on, he kept questioning us until the
TRUTH was revealed.

What we really wanted…

Why was this important…

Why hadn’t we achieved it yet…

What were we so scared of…

Having all of us get REAL and raw,to what we
wanted MOST in life.

Not just inside our career…but all areas of




Laying it ALL out there for everyone to see.

It was seriously one of the most challenging
(yet liberating) days of my life.

When it was through, I felt like huge weight
had been lifted off of me.

I let it all of my chest, nothing was held

Not having to walk on eggshells, just be
REAL and say what you want.

They were right…

Everyone was lying. (including me)

Telling myself the same ole stories.

I didn’t have time.

It didn’t phase me of what other people
thought of me.

I was really giving it my all (aka ‘my “so
called” best’)

Complete lies.

It’s like I was just playing at life…

Merely getting by so I could just be

I realized (as did the rest of us) that I had
the POWER to get anything I wanted inside any
area of life.

I just had to commit to what I said I would

And, accept my current reality.

No BS.

Just pure and utter honesty.

Maybe these same stories playback inside your

Regardless from my experience I can tell you
this much is true…

You can’t change what you can’t accept

See, a lot of men I meet. (or anyone for that

Want to blame everyone and everything else as
to why they can’t get to where they want to

Using justifications like:

“If it weren’t for ____________________, I
could probably have or be doing

I’m out of shape because I don’t have the
time or its just not in the cards for me.

My marriage or relationship is crap (or just ok) because of
my significant other.

If only my kids would behave or act in a
certain way then I’d be happier.

All of this is playing the victim.

And, when you throw out the victim card you
lose all the power to change your life for
the better.

Giving up to everyone and everything that
surrounds you.

Leaving you with the scraps, powerless.

The key to living a limitless life is to take
ownership of everything.

Without blame.

Without excuses.

Without shame.

Admitting where you’re at and realizing that
nothing happens to you, it happens because of

Then taking a stand to do what you can to get
what it is you truly want.

And, when you do this.

Your life will begin to vastly improve.

Your body will.

Your relationships will.

Your career will.

Because now it’s you who’s in the driver seat
taking full control of everything.

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Logan ‘Exposed’ Henry

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