How To Free Yourself When You're Constantly Feeling Stuck -

How To Free Yourself When You’re Constantly Feeling Stuck

So the other day I held and exclusive
nutrition seminar where plenty of knowledge
bombs were dropped

And right out the gate, I began by asking one
simple question…

“What must a prisoner do first if he wants to
escape from prison?”

Quite a question, eh

A couple of guesses came through along the
lines of this:


A Plan


The Right Strategy

All great guesses

But not exactly the answer I was looking for.

The answer?

Acceptance and the Belief that he’s actually
in prison.

Because if he doesn’t accept where he’s at in
the first place, why would he try to

See, I bring this to your attention because
you can’t change what you can’t

A lot of guys I speak to. (well pretty much
everyone really)

Tend to want to place blame on everything
else in life as to why they’re not in the
shape or state of health that they want to be

=> I’m out of shape or overweight because of
having to hold down my workload

=> It’s not in my genetics to be fit

=> It’s selfish to think about taking care of

=>I don’t have the time because

To sum up all of the above…

When you choose to say all of the above


Anything else for that matter.

You’re choosing to play the victim.

And when you do this you instantly give up
full power to change your life for the

You end up giving it to everyone else.

Leaving you with the scraps…powerless.

To live an UNSTOPPABLE life you must take
full responsibility and OWN up to everything.

Without putting blame on anything else.

I’ve been there before.

And the moment I was willing to accept where
I was, was the moment my life began to

Same goes for you, my man.

Your life.

Your Body.

Your Relationships.

Your Career.

All these will change

Because YOU are in control.

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