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A harsh and brutal truth about your problems


This post is both raw and uncut.

So if you’re easily offended, now’s your
chance to click back to social media, my man.

See, out of all the business owners and high
performing busy men that I’ve met and coached…

There’s this misconception with being “busy.”

Constantly working longer hours to try and
keep up with the work load.

Problem is most businessmen and hard working
guys simply AREN’T performing.

Being honest here…it takes a strong man to
admit this kind of thing.

Not taking time for themselves or taking care
of themselves.


Their Health.

Their Energy.

Their Body.

Their Focus.

Their Vitality.

All have gone by the waste side.

Because most will believe that in order to
keep up they must work more hours to make up
for their lack of performance.

Don’t get it twisted, my friend.

Working smarter and harder has its merits to
achieving great success.

But imagine this…

You continue to work hard, but now you have
optimized your body and health.

We live in a day and age where self sabotage
is far too common.

Starts off by sabotaging your health.

Then carries over into sabotaging your

Constantly missing out on time with loved
ones and always feeling run down.

Getting to a point where some days you want
to burn down everything you’ve worked so hard

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be
this way.

Our ‘on the go’ society has become a big
contributor of death and disease inside
middle aged adults from ages 35 to 50.


Over 600,000 deaths occur from heart attack
alone and the majority of them can be stopped
simply by making a lifestyle change.

Staying busy through the pain…

Staying busy through spending time with your

Continue to miss out on date nights…

Not to mention Sex lives, are almost non-existent.

The excess belly fat is killing testosterone
levels and desire…is no where near where it once was.

It comes down to taking care of YOU.

Because the once ‘busy guy’ has now
transformed into a high performing guy that
gets shit done at lighting speed.

Things that once took all day to complete are
now happening in half the time.

Leaving you with…

=> Energy left in the tank to come home and
keep active with those you love.

=> The confidence to know you’re setting the
right example for your loved ones and those
around you.

=> The ability to make more money because now
you have the power to produce at your highest
possible level.

Simply put…

Showing up as the BEST version of you, will
give you the highest possible results across
ALL areas of your life.

We live in a world where the only way to be
successful is to be constantly busy.

Consider those closest to you value the BEST
of you, not just the best things you can
provide them with

Here’s a concept…

Why not choose both?

Coach Logan Henry

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