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I’m done with this

Ever had that thought creep in your mind

Anytime you were working hard to accomplish

but nothing ever seemed to go your way

(I sure as hell know I have)

Especially when shit hits the fan

and the obstacle you’re facing is a lot bigger than
you first thought it would be

Which is exactly the same thoughts that were
racing through long time lfit elite member
Dustin M’s head the last time we spoke
amongst the group

He had faced a few weeks where life hit him
like a ton of bricks


surrendering to these problems instead
overcoming them seemed like a tempting idea

It was hard for him to stay consistent with a
lot of things like





You name it

Stress was at an all time high and he felt
completely trapped..

Until he actually saw a tiny light shine
through and all wasn’t as bad as his thoughts
made it to be

Needless to say as of last week the obstacle

and the next time we spoke it was back to the
old Dustin I knew

Determined that nothing was going to stand in
his way from accomplishing what he ultimately
wanted to acheive

Telling me quote:

“It ain’t over yet”

I could tell by his voice he wasn’t kidding

I mean the man has lost 80 pounds of body fat
so far (which already surpasses his original goal)

and he’s still determined to come out as one
of the best transformations to come through
the LFit Arena

We will just have to see just how his greatness

but for now, I want to shine some light on your

For real (stay with me here chico)

Where in your life right now has life hit you
so hard (or small)

that you feel it’s impossible to achieve the
endeavor you’re after..

Could be within your




Whatever it might be your mission is this

Write down that big problem that is currently
stopping you in your tracks

Analyze it

and ask yourself

Is this ultimate problem I’m facing truly
going to stop me..?

99.99% of the time it’s a big fat NO

And once you determine this

Your next step is to write down the steps you
need to take to get past this hurdle and get
what it is you actually want

Hit reply to this message and let me know
what you discover


Go here: www.lostfit.com/explore

and we can talk about creating an outline for
you to overcome these obstacles much easier

Logan ‘It ain’t over yet’ Henry

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