This will either Inspire or irritate you -

This will either Inspire or irritate you

I discovered something today that will help
you out big time my friend..

I’m serious.. (stay with me here)

Last week I struggled big time

Constantly feeling





Irritable beyond belief

Don’t worry I’m not having you feel pity for

Far from it

As the week came to a close

I did some recon to figure out why the hell I
was feeling like this

And boom just like that it hit me..

I hadn’t been to bed before eleven for about a
week straight..

I was overloaded on caffeine

I wasn’t recovering properly

I was stressed out, overwhelmed

and it was killing my production with work

No wonder I was so damn tired..

If you are anything like I used to be (or if
I don’t take a step back like I currently am)

Then when your results begin to take a turn
for the worse

You end up pointing fingers

Blaming everyone else for why your currently
stuck in the place you’re at

It’s easier

To turn and place the blame on someone else
or say it’s not your fault

Someone or something else’s fault you can’t
lose weight or drop fat

Someone or something else’s fault you can’t
eat right

Someone or something else’s fault you can’t
get the well deserved rest you need

Someone or something else’s fault you are
constantly overwhelmed and stressed

(And yes I know you live a busy lifestyle
keeping up with loved ones, colleagues,

and friends, but you can’t keep blaming them for
everything can you..?)

Once you leave the blame to EVERYONE else

You give all your POWER away..

And the sooner we all come to terms that we
have a choice in our lives to dictate what
our outcomes will be

The sooner we can take back POWER

and regain control of our thoughts, feelings, and
actions in every area of life..

The Better things will be

So if you are fed up being overweight

you’re lacking confidence

You  have zero energy

You’re tired of blaming others for where you’re
currently at

and you’re finally ready to feel better

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Logan ‘Creating Space’ Henry

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