It's bad for ya -

It’s bad for ya

It surrounds you






Negative Surroundings can wreak havoc on your
ability to get what you want out of life

As you might have heard once before

You are the sum of the average of the 5
people you spend the most time with..

Which in reality can be looked at from a good


bad point of view..

Thing is YOU have a choice my friend

As I’ve grown throughout the years

I’ve made sure to surround myself with the
right people..

Most will sit back

and just simply settle on what could’ve

Never really seeking their true potential

When you go after any great endeavor in life

(like transforming your body or taking care
of you health)

You must be wiling to give up all excuses

and take hold of what is yours

Many will sit back and say things like

‘That be cool if I could just..’

but never actually pulling the trigger and
taking action on what it is they ultimately

When you surround yourself with those that
hold you to a higher standard

You have no more time to think about things

or question anything

The only choice you have is to ACT

Let the ‘others’ surrender to what’s known as

You deserve to get the best results possible
and surround yourself with guys who are on
the same mission as you are to better
themselves everyday

To seek the mission these men have already accepted



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