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I’m still recovering from this.. (its time)

What a hell of weekend..

My entire family got together to throw a dual
surprise birthday bash for my wonderful
mother and uncle

Not only that

We decided to go big

and give my mother a little extra surprise

It was a nice day for A White Wedding..(que billy idol song)

Yes, that’s right my friend she got the
chance to renew her wedding vowels after 22
years of being married to her best friend

White dress and all..

She was beautiful

Now you would think after all of this that
was a wrap on the surprises..

Far from it

After watching my mother renew her vowels

and watching the family come together as one

I felt it was TIME

Time for me to make moves of my own

So I did..

I popped the question myself..

Yes, that question

Got engaged to my best friend and looking
forward to what’s to come for her and I

You might be thinking, that’s great and all, but what in the world does any of this have to do
with transforming your body


finally showing up as the person you strive to

Let me explain

See, I wasn’t going to pop the question over
the weekend..

First it was going to be last weekend..

Then I thought maybe I’ll wait a couple more

Then I was like maybe it needs to be here

Then maybe needs to be there..

All these thoughts ran through my head about
when the PERFECT time will be

and that’s where the problem lies my friend

See, there will NEVER be a PERFECT time

For anything

Take that in regards to transforming your own

Saying things like:

‘I’ll just wait till next week’

‘I’ll just wait till I have the motivation

‘I’ll just wait till things calm down at work’

All these things signify one thing..

They keep you waiting..

You will never stop waiting

because the stories you keep in your head
will always tell you that things need to be

Otherwise you won’t be able to go through

It comes down to simply this my friend:

“Sometimes you can’t see the finish line from
the starting line, therefore to reach the
goals you are after in life, you just have to
be willing to take the 1st step”

Taking the 1st step is always the hardest..

We always strive for perfection or in this

The PERFECT time

Same thing every busy working professional did before they entered
the LostFit Elite..




Waited some more..

Until finally they had enough

The pain of staying where they were out
weighed the pain of what it would take to

They took their first step

I’d have you consider maybe, just maybe

Today is the day to take your first step by being along side other elite busy professionals who are on a mission to
better themselves inside here:

because the waiting game will never end

and the only way to reach the RESULTS you
want is to make the 1st move

Logan ‘It’s time’ Henry

PS Speaking of time, the clock is still
ticking for your chance to hop on board
Project X..



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