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What has Jamie been doing now

“Missing training within the LFit realm,
can’t wait for that day again..

btw I will be on America’s got talent at 8pm
your time though..”

^ text I received from forever LostFit elite
coaching client and close friend Jamie Costa

Jamie has a remarkable gift to put a smile on
nearly anyones face..

He’s got a witty sense of humor and he’s damn
good at impressions..

I noticed this instantly during our coaching
journey together

Years back I had to get him set to transform
into a lean machine for his role as wolverine
in a youtube fan film..

Thing had massive success– now over 6.1 million


Knowing Jamie’s talent

I told him about an impressions contest..

Long Story Short..

He Won

Since than he’s gone viral for it..

Especially for his most noticeable impression
of the late Robin Williams..(RIP)

Beyond that he’s now taking hold of his dream
and bringing his amazing talents to Hollywood

He moved out to the west side just a couple
months ago

and I couldn’t be more proud of what he’s

So, what in the world does this have to do
with dropping pounds, getting lean or getting
results that you actually want?


Jamie had deep goals..

Saw opportunities and instantly acted upon

Whether it be to unleash his leaner self on


Have the guts to show the world his skills..

He took action



The Results…

speak for themselves

He didn’t look at the obstacles and just give


Regardless of what came his way..

He wanted these things bad enough so he found
a way to make it happen…

You can apply this directly towards your body
by having..




^All things that you can be controlled and
given inside here:


No matter what it is, if it’s an obstacle you
can overcome it..

Just as Jamie and all the other busy working
peeps did by being here:


Otherwise life continues to remain the same


You never reach your full potential

Logan ‘never had a friend like me’ Henry

PS To make your day just a little bit better

go check out Jamie’s latest viral video

over here:


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