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Why Holding On Fails and Letting Go Succeeds

Let it GO. (seriously)

Let go of your assumptions.

Let go of the notion that you’re so sure
things are just how they are.

Let go of things that you think are going to

Because in reality you DON’T know how things
are going to be.

Anything can happen.

And what I’ve learned in my experience is
that if you continue to try and hang onto
things that truly aren’t serving you…

Prepare to remain STUCK forever.

Because you can’t expect all new change to
occur in your life if you’re not willing to
let go of the baggage you currently have.

So today consider just letting go.

Might sound cliche…

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But instead of questioning something you
currently have no true evidence of.

Be willing to start believing in the new
possibilities that lie on the other side of
your doubt.

I’m not saying to ‘hope’ about new change to
occur in your life.

I’m saying believe in the reality that you DO
have a choice to make things happen inside
your life.

And with the relentless pursuit of your hard
work and effort put forth day in and day out.

You too can experience extraordinary things.

But first you must be willing to look back.

Look back at the things that you have
accomplished thus far.

The relationships you’ve created.

The career or lifestyle you’ve earned.

The body that represents a true model of
health and well-being.

Because you can only measure what’s already

So if you’re currently not happy with where
things are at inside any areas of your life.

Figure out what has to be done.

And do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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Logan ‘Let it Go’ Henry

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