Little did he know... -

Little did he know…

This always shocks me

And it’s the #1 thing I hear from every guy
that goes through the LostFit Coaching

As to WHY they were a bit hesitant to even
reach out in the first place…

INTIMIDATION (yes, even for the tough guys out there)

See, when these guys share their remarkable
transformation stories

A lot of things surface that I had no clue
that was initially on their minds before they
started with LostFit

Like this:

“I mean, after looking at the transformations
thatĀ went through LostFit I have to say
I was bit intimidated at first..thinking I’m
too damn out of shape and I’ll probably just
end up embarrassing myself”

I get it though

(I’ve been there myself)

The last thing anyone wants to feel
(especially guys)

Is to enter into a scenario where they end up
just embarrassing themselves…

Want to know something though

The exact opposite happens with the guys that
move forward with their transformation

Each guy following up with saying

‘Once I took the next step, it was nowhere
near what I had expected going into it…

I felt welcomed

I felt others actually cared about my success
and weren’t there to put me down…

Pretty much like a big family’

So, though we are guys

Feeling this way is normal

However, today I’d have you consider to
challenge those stories you keep telling
yourself in you head

You know the ones I’m talking about, my man…

‘I’m different’

‘I’ll just end up embarrassing myself’

‘I need to be more in shape first’

^let go of these bad boys

And start to tell NEW stories like

*How you finally got back in shape and had
the energy to come home and play with your
loved ones

*How your wife or partner finally gives you
that look she did when she first met you

*How you got more sex, not only for being
fitter, leaner, and stronger, but you had the
confidence to seduce your better half and not
feel like a dude with man boobs with your shirt

*How you had the belief in yourself that you
can do anything (I’ve lost all this weight at
last, what else am I capable of?)

^^These are exactly the NEW stories being
told by busy guys who felt just like you

See how they did it here:

Coach Logan

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