Your missing ingredient to RAPID results -

Your missing ingredient to RAPID results

I’ve said this..

I’ve felt this


It’s what everyone I speak with tells me as
to why they can’t change..

I just lack motivation is the most common
thing I hear in every strategy session I

Same goes for this one as well..

‘I already know what to do I just always find
reasons not to..’

But I’d have you consider that you don’t need
more motivation my friend

See, the only reason you think you need
motivation is because you don’t have a clear
enough goal of what you want, why you want it

And an actual PROVEN plan to get there

let me explain

Do you honestly have No motivation at all in
your life?


Are there certain areas where you are really

Because my friend.. and this is only my
humble yet accurate opinion

But I honestly think we convince ourselves we
aren’t motivated when really we are..

Think of all the things you have done so far
in your life?

Got the career you desperately wanted..

Created great relationships..

Maybe started a family..

Started your own Biz..

Lost weight..

Whatever your biggest accomplishments maybe..

I’m guessing that took just a tad bit of

And right about now the fact that you harp on
not being motivated

Well those other things that you accomplished
so far came down to the fact that you knew
EXACTLY what is you wanted

and had the RIGHT plan of action to get there

So instead of motivation

You should step back and ask yourself

How do I actually get to where it is I want
to go?

because right now it’s like you’re stuck on a

asking yourself when the hell do we take off?

Though enjoying the journey does have its

Let me be real with you here

It’s the DESTINATION that really matters


The fact that you are annoyed you can’t seem
to get going

Surely that shows you are a little bit

You see my friend

In the words of one of the greatest coaches I have the honor of

“When you get what you don’t want.. Doesn’t
it make you realize what you really do want?”

So next time you utter the infamous words
‘I’m just not motivated’

‘I’d rather just not exercise


my favorite of all

I’d rather remain ‘fat and happy’ <—that’s a lie and you know it I recommend you do the following tricks I’ve passed on to the LostFit Elite Family 1 —> You must write it down

I’m Exhausted


I cant be bothered to train today because I
am tired and fed up..

or whatever it is that you might be having a
hard time with


Now that I know this what I really want is
_________ Close your eyes and actually
visualize you taking action

(no you don’t have to start singing hippie
chants on me..stay with me here)

Seriously, imagine you doing the thing you

3 —-> Now, take the next step..

The next step should be SMALL not big

(go big or go home is a lame mantra and will
most likely cause you to burnout quickly)

—->My personal favorite is to start your
day with POWER

-Get moving (even if it’s a 15 minute walk)

-Take down a greens drink every morning

(micronized powder greens work well for this)

– Take in at least a 3 liters of water a day

[hydration is crucial for your success.. find out why here: ]

because in the end all it takes is one SMALL
step my friend

quit trying to hit a damn HOME-RUN right off
the bat

Your  brain is wired to back down if you try
to do too much at one time

and if you do take things one small step at
at time

You will be shocked at how everything else
falls in to place when you start actually

Doing the WORK needed to move forward

Use that stress and frustration to power you
towards what you really want

Of course If you were really clever you would
jump on board for an exploration session

Where I will show you exactly how to get
where you want to go, while keeping motivated

and a strategy of what to do when you just

‘feeling it’

Because the reason you can’t

get lean

lose weight


finally obtain your best body ever comes down
to not having the right plan to get there

And in your case..

luck is on your side because this is exactly
what I help with

So let me show you the step by step blueprint
on what you need to be doing to START getting
the things you actually want in life


Like Elliott’s doing

‘Thank you brother! Because of Logan Henry I
don’t need a New Year’s resolution, because
I’m a part of the lifestyle revolution! 2015
was a crazy year for me but definitely one of
the best parts was joining the lostfit
family. Thanks for helping me get my swagger
back, “I can stand up next to a mountain, and
chop it down with the edge of my hand”.

Until next time

Logan ‘Plan of Action’ Henry

PS If you’ve tried it all before, you value your time, you’re fed up, you’ve lost motivation, and you’re ready to make a serious change and commit to  a program

that will guarantee you results. Then let’s have a conversation to find out what’s currently holding you back from the results you want, so you can finally get in the shape you want, stress free Click below



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"This is a system I use at LostFit to get clients predictable results with habit changes right from the beginning without the overwhelm of complex methods. Clients love that they can see the changes while being excited to keep adding more and more. The goal is not complexity and “looking smart”, the goal is getting my clients amazing results that stick for good; and this is how. Download it and use it - it works!" Logan Henry-Founder & Master Transformational Coach at LostFit





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