The Mistake All Men Seem to Make -

The Mistake All Men Seem to Make

It doesn’t surprise me that the vast majority
of guys I come across

Are jumping ship…

Fad after Fad

Another ‘quick-fixer’ here or there

Endlessly going through the motions with no
clue, as to what’s actually going on

Never really seeing true RESULTS

Being amongst the fitness realm not a day
goes by

Where I come across some ridiculous
things that just don’t make sense

Things like:

1. People trying to get massive results by
putting their bodies through extremes

But in the end, they wreak havoc on their overall

2. Trying to quote on quote ‘eat clean’
because that’s what some expert told you…

News flash:

If someone tells you this as a
means to get you results

You have my permission to tell them their wrong and they have no clear
understanding of how the body works…

Don’t get it twisted, from a health standpoint eating healthy is great, ¬†but you don’t have to give up your life or deprive those you love because you’re ‘watching what you eat’

(more on this

3. Doing endless amounts of running instead
of implementing a Smart, Well planned, periodized training regimen that has you blasting through fat without spending countless hours in the gym or giving up on the foods you love

(and NO cardio)

4.Training your self to death, with no proper
form of recovery

5. Drinking heavy on weekends

And still wondering why even though you’re working

You still aren’t seeing results

(Don’t get me wrong I love a good drink, but
moderation is key my friend)

6. Worrying too much about what the number on
the scale

Instead of the reflection in the

7.Being out of shape for so long

and than trying to hit a damn ‘home run’ in 2 weeks

Instead of going through a series of
small changes first

8. Constantly doing the same things over and
over, expecting a whole new outcome…

That’s called pure insanity, my man

9. Putting too much focus on ‘weight loss’

Instead of losing body fat

and obtaining a fit, toned, lean body

(I’m NOT talking BIG &
BULKY here)

10. Never setting actual goals or figuring
out your ultimate ‘why’…

( toning up, ditching the gut or losing weight is only hitting
the surface my friend..why is it important to you?)

I could go on and on for days, but I figure I
will stop here for the day…

End Rant

Most things don’t make sense in the world of
transformations and I’m here to destroy ALL the BS


The busy individuals I coach on a daily basis

Stopped listening to the dogma


Started making complete sense of everything
by going here:

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