Next level nightcrawler -

Next level nightcrawler

So I decided to take a trip down memory lane
by taking another gander at the flick “Night
Crawler” featuring sir Gyllenhaal…

And once again, I loved it.

Maybe you’ve seen it…

Maybe you haven’t…

Maybe you could care less…

Regardless of your opinion of the movie, I’m
here to drop some lessons upon ya.

Recap of the flick:


Jobless Sociopath (Gyllenhaal)

Ends up capturing rare crime footage around
the city of Los Angeles.

He ends up hiring an intern to get to each
crime scene quicker than the other guy.

There’s only one problem, though…

His intern isn’t much of a brave soul.

He’s entering into some hardcore stuff here.

I’m not talking petty crime or theft here
either, comrade.

Brutal and Bloody is where this tale goes.

But I’ll let you take a looksies for

In the meantime, here’s a vital
lesson I pulled out for you.


Gyllenhall can sense that his intern is
always a bit skeptical of things.

And on the way to a scene, he leans over to
the intern and states…

Do you have any idea what the meaning of fear
actually is…





Fear is usually the number one reason why
going through change can be hard.

It usually comes down to holding onto a story
merely is a figment of your imagination.


This is huge because when it comes to
destroying the past and not letting FEAR
conflict with your future.

You need to step aside and take note of the
stressful thought that’s currently roaming
about throughout your brain.

Whatever’s going on inside that brain of
yours…write it down and most important…INQUIRE.

Meaning Ask Questions:

1. Is it true? (the thought or belief your
thinking about)

2. Can you absolutely be certain it’s true?

3.How do you react when you believe this

4. Who would you be without that thought?

4 simple questions that will set you FREE

If the fear persists even after inquiring…

Then do it every single day on that one
specific thought and I promise…

You’ll come to a NEW realization


What life would be like if you didn’t attach
to the stories your mind has simply

And remember this:

For there to be consistent evolution on the
outside, you must first create a Revolution
on the inside.

And if you’re ready for your own
revolution…click HERE.


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