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I’m No Hero

This past week I paid a good ole visit to my

my incredibly talented barber…

Who might I add is extremely skilled

Plus, she only works with guys, so it’s the
perfect cut every time

Anyhoo, throughout the process of getting my
fresh cut

We began to speak about change

and how it’s impossible to change someone who
has no desire too

I mentioned to her that I see this phenomenon
at its finest when it comes to those looking
to transform their bodies


step into a better state of health

See, regardless of how

Out of Shape

Stressed Out



Unhappy someone is..

If they don’t have a strong enough want to

(or their goals are just external or vanity

They will either 1st never take the step
towards change


If they do and don’t believe in themselves enough to accomplish the goals they want

It’s game over

They will fade out the moment obstacles hit

I often see this in the ‘program hoppers’


those seeking the quick-fix

They’re not willing to commit to themselves


little alone a program that’s proven to get
them results

In other words they’re looking to be saved..

The problem with looking to be saved

Is that you’re ultimately looking for someone
who will do the work for you

and the moment tough times hit..

YOU quit

and then blame your failures on everyone else

Sitting back and ‘hoping’ will do you no good

If you want change in transforming your body

or anything in life

It comes down to the action YOU take


The commitment YOU put forth

Something every busy guy within the lostfit
arena understands

and it’s why they get such great results

It’s become a hub to their own revolution

Simply by taking the first step and going


Logan ‘I’m no Hero’ Henry

PS If you’re not in the shape you desire to be


You just know something needs to happen to
improve your overall health so you can finally
show up as the man you strive to be

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