Their Reaction to This was Priceless (video) -

Their Reaction to This was Priceless (video)

“You’re not in your twenties anymore honey..”

^ This was said by one of our elite members
wives after he finished up his extended
training framework to help maximize fat

See, our loved ones only want the best for us

but constantly I hear all the time how age is
the limiting factor

and the reason they can’t get into shape..

Hearing guys tell me..

Once you are in your
30’s..things will never be the same..’

I have no doubt that as you age so does your

and your ability to perform is not like
it used to be..

Could be that your joints begin to hurt maybe from
activities you might have done in the past..(or possibly the excess weight you’re carrying around..)


Stress levels are a lot higher because of the
constant work load..

but saying you can’t get in shape or reach
your best body ever, just because you’re a
certain age is ridiculous

To write age off as the excuse to stay out of


Never actually make moves to do anything
about it is a simply

A cop out

Everyone within the LFIT elite crew knew this
to be a lie

and they’ve proven that time and time

that radical RESULTS can happen

Regardless of your age


where you’re currently at right now

Simply by taking one step in the right

Just like you can over here:


Continue to let your body and health suffer
based on the story you keep telling yourself

Logan ‘Age is just a Number’ Henry

PS I told you about before about my

my addiction with TED talks

Well today I share with you a man that proves
my point today..

That getting the body you want can literally
happen at any age

Even at 93.. (not joking)

Check out the video by clicking here:

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