Progress with Lostfit -

Progress with Lostfit

A message I received from a fellow Lostfit follower:

“Just seen one of your posts about weightloss, iv done 4 months solid training whilst gettting tips off your page. In the first picture i weighed 98.5kg in the second picture i am 78.1.a total of 20.4kg weightloss. Thought id share my story with you and thankyou!” @MarcYoung

That’s a total of 45 pounds lost!

Makes me happy to see people getting results from Lostfit. I’m here to give the tools to every one so they can get out of the “lost” state of mind and start changing their own lives. It takes consistency, drive, will power, and some sweat equity to actually make the results come alive. This is exactly what Marc has done. This is proof in the pudding that anything is possible and every one is capable of achieving exactly what they put their mind to!


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