Your missing ingredient to RAPID results -

Your missing ingredient to RAPID results

I don’t care who it is…

Whether it be your significant other, family,

colleagues or friends.

Absolutely none of them can provide you with

the MOTIVATION you need to make a change for

the better in your life.

Inspiration maybe, but not motivation.

Why do I bring this to your attention?

Because ‘lack of motivation’ is one of the

most common things I hear as to why men can’t

seem to make the changes they want to

accomplish the goals they’re after.

Same goes for this one as well…

‘I already know what to do I just always find

reasons not to…’

But today I’d have you consider that you don’t need more motivation, my man.

See, the only reason you think you need motivation is because you don’t have a clear

enough goal of what you want, why you want it…

And an actual PROVEN plan to get there.

I mean do you honestly have No motivation at all in your life?

Or, are there certain areas where you are really motivated?

Because my friend… and this is only my humble yet accurate opinion.

But I honestly think we convince ourselves we aren’t motivated when really we are.

Think of all the things you have done so far in your life?

Created the business or career you always wanted…

Created great relationships…

Maybe started a family…

Lost significant weight…

Whatever your biggest accomplishments maybe thus far.

I’m guessing that took just a tad bit of motivation..right?

And right about now the fact that you harp on not being motivated.

Well those other things that you accomplished so far came down to the fact that you knew

EXACTLY what you wanted, right?

And had the right plan of action to get there.

So instead of thinking, you need motivation…

Consider stepping back and getting clear about what it is you really want.

Not what others think will be best for you, but what YOU think is best for you.

Otherwise, it’s like you’ll be stuck on a runway, wondering when the hell is this thing

going to take off?

Though enjoying the journey does have its merits.

Let me be real with you here.

It’s the DESTINATION that really matters.


The fact that you are annoyed you can’t seem to get going.

Surely that shows you are a little bit motivated?

You see my friend

In the words of one of the greatest coaches I

have in my life:

“When you get what you don’t want.. Doesn’t

it make you realize what you really do want?”

So next time you utter the infamous words like:

‘I’m just not motivated’

‘I’d rather just not exercise

‘I’d rather just not plan a surprise date


‘I’d rather not execute the most important

things that I know will help me reach my

business goals.’

I recommend you do the following strategies

I’ve passed on to the Gentlemen inside the

LostFit Elite Brotherhood.

1.=> You must write it down.

I’m Exhausted.


I can’t be bothered to do the work today,

train, or stay on point with my goals because

I am tired and fed up.

Or whatever it is that you might be having a hard time with.

Now that I know this what I really want is _________ <==WHAT it is you actually want.

To feel more:





So that those who look up to you the most in your life can see you as role model and someone who has control of his life.

2.=> Close your eyes and actually visualize

you taking action

(no you don’t have to start singing hippie

chants on me..stay with me here)

Seriously, imagine you doing the thing you


3.=> Now, take the next step…

The next step should be SMALL not big.

(go big or go home is a lame mantra and will

most likely cause you to burn out quickly)

=>My personal favorite is to start your day

with POWER

*Get moving (even if it’s a 15-minute walk)

*Take down some fish oil and a greens drink every morning

(high potency fish oil and micronized powder greens work well for this)

* Take in at least a 3 liters of water a day.

But, remember it’s what gets measured that really counts.

So if you haven’t yet, check out the video, I created that will help you unlock (nearly)

unlimited confidence every day.

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Because in the end, all it takes is one SMALL step my friend.

Quit trying to hit a damn HOME-RUN right off the bat.

Your brain is wired to back down if you try to do too much at one time.

And if you do take things one small step at at a time.

You’ll be shocked at how everything else falls into place when you start actually

Doing the WORK needed to move forward.

Use that stress and frustration to power you towards what you really want.

Of course, the alternative is to consider a one-on-one exploration session with me.

Where I will show you exactly how to get where you want to go, while keeping motivated and a strategy of what to do when you just aren’t…

‘feeling it’

So if you’re interested in moving forward with a one-on-one exploration session with me where I will show you the step by step blueprint on what you need to be doing to START getting the things you really want in life.

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Coach Logan, Founder and Lead Transformation Coach, LostFit

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