The guaranteed path to real results is ________________. -

The guaranteed path to real results is ________________.

Got a chance to indulge in some crazy

(yet epic)

Extinct adventures this past weekend

By catching a glimpse at non other than..

Jurassic World


Incredible Film

Of course there are no “Jeff Goldblum” one

but it does serve justice when it comes to
pure entertainment my friend

Without spoiling too much for you

Everything is based in Modern day times

Us “Humans”

Aren’t so impressed by much of anything..

(we are so hard to impress these days)

Including damn dinosaurs..

All everyone wants is




Might I add


So they decide to cook something special up
in the lab…

Don’t worry…

I’ll let you catch it for
yourself to find out exactly what they did


One thing that they brought back in similar
form, but also showed a new side of their
bad ass selves was..

The Velociraptors

Yet this time around they are behaving with
same intelligence of our modern day animals

Respecting humans and cooperating with what
ever signals are thrown at them

But besides behaving differently

There is one distinct characteristic about them that
hasn’t changed

Their ability to run in packs..

Never going ALONE



Fun (if you want to call it that)

You name it

Everything they do

Is as ONE

With the ability to perform feats like taking
on dinosaurs 10 times larger than them..

Reminds me of all the busy professionals
within the LostFit family..




Confused on where to start

Truly unhappy with their physical presence

The way it’s effecting those closest to them in life

Whether it be the confidence to take on new


The ability to have more energy to get
through the day

They wanted more…

Regardless if it’s through LostFit in person or online..

With everything out there at there finger

The number ONE thing I always come
across that someone is lacking is true


Not some rep counter, who’s either too into
themselves to realize you’re there


Even worse someone more out of shape trying
to give guidance on transforming your body..

(I never quite understood that)

See, going through any journey of change can
be a tough road


Without accountability and constant support

Making it to the GOALS you truly want

Can be almost damn near impossible

Regardless of the accountability they get
from me

They get massive support from everyone else
within the group

And to be 100% honest with you..

No one

I repeat

NO one

Likes going through a difficult journey of
change alone…

Me included my friend

When someone is having an ‘off’ week or
struggles within everyday life..

The group is always there as a whole

Making sure everyone is on point with hitting
their goals and most important of all..

Holding everyone accountable for all the
things they said they would ACCOMPLISH

when they started their transformation

The excuses

The stories

All fall by the waste side

And something unique happens as an unbreakable bond is formed..

Making each of them UNSTOPPABLE

Stop going solo

Start being held accountable for all the goals you wish to achieve

Right along side all the other ambitious busy
professionals who ride as one here:

Logan ‘Unstoppable’ Henry

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