How Cooper Saved Her Father's Life -

How Cooper Saved Her Father’s Life

A true story about Hunter… and Cooper.

Cooper is 6 years old and is the beloved daughter of Hunter.

You see Hunter was 36 years of age, 50 pounds

Fed up feeling low of energy, lacking
self-confidence, always trying to hide his
gut, and was fed up of giving up on his
vision to get into better shape and lose the
excess weight he’d gained over the past 5
years or so.

Sound familiar? Continue on…

Imagine a real life Tony Soprano…

Minus the whole Italian and being in a Mob

And yes in case you weren’t aware James
Gandolfini (the guy who played Tony) was the actor who died in 2013,
aged just 51, from a heart attack.

He was a ‘Walking Time Bomb..’ according to
his heart doctor.


That guy…
Well Hunter is kinda just like him.

He has his own busy successful business,
leading from the front and constantly growing
his business to new heights (more on this in
a later post)

Yet he had told himself for quite some time
now (about 6 years)

“I have all I need, I am fine carrying around
this excess weight, and this gut doesn’t
bother me one bit…”

He told himself… yet deep down he didn’t
really believe that…

Sure he wanted support, the help, the
solution, but his Pride sort of kept him from
giving himself permission to get the level of
support and guidance he knew he needed…

He was too busy hustling and getting things
on his own for so long, that he felt he was
admitting failure if he couldn’t do this

Which of course, being I man, I totally get
as I’ve been there before.

See, everyone whose achieved results inside
some area of their life realize that going
solo usually doesn’t cut it, especially if
the results they’re seeking are going to be

Hunter is not a guy who’d settle for just
mediocre results.

He’d want the the same level of results he’s
used to experiencing inside his thriving
business…. in his Body and Overall
well-being… RADICAL results that people
would notice.

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He also realized, would enable him to become
an even BETTER:

** Father

** Husband

** Leader

** Producer

And a much nicer guy to be around.. more calm
and less reactive towards things. Less
worried if he was going to let those he cared
for most down or be looked at by his kids as
someone who didn’t take care of himself.

Truth be told that’s what sparked him to take
action in the first place…

Because it wasn’t until his daughter shined a
spotlight on him by mentioning his weight.

And this is something that is happening
constantly with people all over.

So many people tolerate their current
situation for far too long, because they are
simply, lost, and unaware of how to get
support that will guide them to the
sustainable results they want.

Yes they tried things before, then fall off

So Hunter… was laying there in his bed
after his daughter had mentioned she’s 6
years old…

Like I mentioned above, her name is Cooper…

And she is his world.

But for a moment…

Hunter imagined what life would be like if he
missed out on experiencing life with her as
she grew older…

==> going to prom…

==> getting married…

==> starting a family of her own one day…

Not only this, but how she would perceive him as
she got older if he didn’t take care of
himself more.

Then it hit HIM…

For the first time in his life, he thought…

What would life be like for his daughter if
he wasn’t there because he let his pride and
ego get in the way of what really mattered

Who would protect her?

Who would make her feel safe?

Who would teach her things and be the role
model she looked up to?

Suddenly, Hunter put his pride in check and
left his ego at the door, realizing that
Cooper was the reason WHY he was finally
going to give himself permission to move
forward with what he’d been putting off for
far too long.

To ensure Cooper never has to experience
those pains of her father not being their as
the hero she sees him as.

Simply because he was too stubborn to do
anything about it.

What happened next?

Hunter… made a POWERFUL decision and got
some incredible RESULTS for doing so. (more on that below)

He had someone who had taken tons of guys
just like him through a step-by-step process
that would ensure his success.

He was given the guidance and support to push
past any limitations he might of had
before… to experience a complete lifestyle

Without even realizing it, Cooper had given
her father the greatest gift of all…

The gift of not only show up for her as the
BEST father he could be, but to show up for
his wife, employees and everyone else he
cared for the most as BETTER man.

She gave her father the ability to step
inside his own power and become a version of
himself that he had never seen before..a man
who’s now INVINCIBLE.

And if Hunter story resonated with you…

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see you as the POWERFUL, strong, confident
role model like the one above…

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Logan Henry- Helping Busy Men Build Power, Confidence, & Courage through Fitness & Life.

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