The LostFit Sleep Kit -

   Official LostFit Sleep Kit:

THESE ARE ONLY RECOMMENDATIONS. You're Busy, Stressed, and Sick of restless nights.. Well, this kit is equipped with the right tools you need to get a better Night Sleep. Out of everything training, nutrition, and mindset..Sleep reigns at the top for producing Fast Results and Overall Recovery 

Click the Links and It will Direct you to the Exact Brand for each recommended supplement

Yogi Bedtime Tea

(This will be quick go to tea at the end of the night that will help relax you and put you in more of a restful state 

Topical Magnesium 

We are often deficient in magnesium levels. Magnesium will help relax the muscles and this topical method will absorb quickly into your body  ​

Earsoft FX Ear Plugs

You want to eliminate a​s much noise as possible. These are comfortable and will get the job done right. 

Sleep Master Eye & Ear Mask 

You want to eliminate as much blue light exposure as possible. Almost like you're sleeping inside a cave. 

This might sound ridiculous, but hear me out. Right around bedtime is when all the stresses of the day come pouring into your brain. Which makes it really hard to even think about getting sleep.

Visual overwriting, like playing Tetris for 5-10 minutes a night will help allow the logical part of your brain to be preoccupied and has you focus more on the task at hand (playing the game) than worrying about what happened at work or other stresses you might be facing.

The Relax Melodies App

This is hands down a game-changer. Pick from hundreds of different ambient sounds (rain, ocean, etc)  ​


This is #1 on this entire list. Meditation will automatically slow down the overall processes in your brain. Allowing you to think more clearly and not stress over the small stuff. 5 to 10 minutes a day even at night will work wonders for not only getting more sleep, but for your everyday life as well. 

Here's the app I recommend: Headspace