Sorry it's over -

Sorry it’s over

Every morning before I let the external world
take over my soul..

I always start the day with ignite
full POWER

^^If you want to start taking control of your
own life..I suggest you do the same

Focus on YOU first so you can give everyone
else in your life MAXIMUM attention (more on this in later post)


Besides Meditating, Studying, and Writing
down things I’m grateful for..

I get a quick and dirty workout in..

There are always the same 4 people
trying to get on the rise & grind train..

Most are fine, but there’s this one guy..

Let’s call him Joben..

He’s a lurker and a talker..

Don’t get me wrong

He’s a cool guy and he means well..

But after seeing him at the crack of dawn
every day for the past year I see no change
in him and I always get the same response
every week…

“Man, you know I’m in here trying to hit it
everyday for up to 2 hours, but I just can’t
seem to get the results I want..”

And there lies his problem..

He spends so much time in there because he
has no clear end state goal in mind..

Therefore he’s just going through the motions
and doing what I like to call..

‘Checking the Box’

Meaning that he’s just going to say he went..

And to make him feel relieved at the fact
that he went..

Now don’t get me wrong.. I give him props for
getting up at 4 in the morning to make things

It just makes me cringe at the fact that he’s
wondering aimlessly through his training with
really no purpose or mission..

Is he getting in more work than me in a 2
hour period compared to 30 to 40 minutes..

Absolutely not..

The overall intensity of my training

and those within the lostfit elite training is set on no more than 30 to 60 second time breaks before
hitting the next set

or exercise..


The more workload you place on your body in a
condensed period of time the greater the

The greater the density the greater
metabolic output..

Which in laymen terms means you are burning
fat like a machine..

I would have you consider that when you
start placing time constraints not only on
your workouts

but on every area in your
life you will accomplish much more in a
relatively short period of time..

Stop going through the motions and start
setting deadlines..


Condense time and accelerate RESULTS just
like everyone within the LostFit arena is doing in here:

Logan “Time’s Up” Henry

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