Stop. Just Stop. -

Stop. Just Stop.

Alright that’s a wrap

“Now that’s my kind of cardio..that certainly
will take the fat off”

^ words expressed by sir Dusty Garus after yesterday’s coaching session

and he is correct my friend

He couldn’t believe that he could achieve way
more in terms of overall pounds lost in only
20 minutes of time

Just like every other guy I’ve had the honor
of coaching

They were used to doing [and hearing] the
dogma that tons of cardio is the ticket to

And couldn’t stand the thought of even doing
endless amounts of it

Which is actually a good thing


Well because ‘non traditional’ cardio

Hint: the right kind of cardio.. Is a hell of a
lot more effective then endless bouts of
cardio [plus it saves a load of time]

Let me explain:

When you decide to run miles and miles

Hop on the elliptical


Just wander about the gym taking 5 minutes
between each exercise

It’s actually doing you more harm than good

See, if you’re going to do any sort of cardio

Focus on keeping things short and sweet

This will allow you to build your overall
muscular endurance

and in turn have your metabolism go through
the roof

Giving you the ability burn massive amounts
of calories within a 24-48 hour period of

Pretty cool ehh..

Remember my man

Whether you want to believe it or not..

Your body is smart

The moment you start doing long bouts of

It will first use up all your glycogen stores
[ie: any carbs left in your system]

And once those are used up your the next stop
will be any lean tissue you have in your body

All equating to

a wrecked metabolism

slow progression or non at all

and the worst side effect..

The potential of you actually gaining MORE
pounds than when you started..

So in my humble, yet accurate opinion

Stop the cardio you’re used to doing

and take a step outside the box and give this
new workout a try below

I call it ‘Density Domination’

[Click Here to Watch It Now]

Logan ‘Outside the Box’ Henry

PS If you are fed up with the way things have
gotten within your body

and you really want to achieve UNTHINKABLE
results in a condensed period of time

without spending endless hours in the gym or
giving up on quality time with your loved

Then I highly recommend you grab your spot
down here:

before it’s too late

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