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Why you exercise so much (and still can’t lose fat)

So the other day I had a friend of mine message me

“Hey looking to get back into shape, any specific diet or

supplements you recommend..?”

^He’s lacking the entire picture


He’s looking for the “next new thing”

Instead of just starting and…

Making things HAPPEN

It’s not that you cant lose fat or see results at a

rapid rate, it’s about choosing the right strategy

fit for you AND making your results  sustainable.

Therefore,  I decided to write up
this beauty up for you:

13 Reasons Why You Exercise So Much (and still can’t lose fat)

1. You‘re program hopping. From one ‘new’ thing to another and lack serious consistency.

2. You continue to ‘wing it.’ You’re not consistent with both training or nutrition and without

a plan in place, you simply have no room to question why you’re not getting results.

3. You’re not realistic. Instilling true change requires an individual to build sustainable
habits over time.

4. You rely on motivation.  Most simply rely on motivation Problem is motivation is only ONE key element
of change, but once that motivation drops…


just like that

The implementation stops

5. You over consume your calories. You’re not burning enough calories compared to how much you consume

6. You’re not patient. Most people tend to base their results on past experiences…

Saying “Well, this one time…I did this, and it worked”

But that ‘one time’ was most likely an attempt at a “quick-fix”

Which is not sustainable and you continue to go on an endless cycle of losing weight and

then putting it right back on.

7. You place blame. You blame time/metabolism/genes
instead of looking at your tendency to be inconsistent or sticking to a plan that’s in line with your goals.

8. You try and beat the system. By using tools like ‘supps or fat burners’), attempting endless bouts of Cardio, dropping calories too quickly, etc…

At the beginning of your transformation journey changing simple habits, focusing on a nutrition plan fit for you and your lifestyle and adding in weight training a couple times a week is all you’ll need to see results fast.

9. You’re one-sided when it comes to  nutrition. You think by cutting one entire macronutrient (proteins, carbs, or fats)  group will do the trick (i.e.- Going low or No carb)

10. You’re not held accountable for your actions. You continue to go solo and aren’t’ held aren’t held accountable to anyone and
keep asking yourself why you fall off from
sticking to the plan.

11. You’re one dimensional with what you measure. You constantly put focus on the outcomes and not the actions you’ve put forth.  

Results are never linear…

Therefore, you must look past the outcomes and focus on the actions you put forth consistently.

Instead of always picking yourself apart in the mirror or stepping on the scale every day to see if things have moved. Yes, results are important, but if you only focus on the outcomes you will lose track of just how far you’ve come and the actions you’ve already put for

Yes, results are important, but if you only focus on the outcomes you will lose track of just how far you’ve come and the actions you’ve already put forth.

12. You’re following a cookie cutter plan. Your nutrition
plan should be as unique as you on a level of lifestyle,
mindset, and behavioral change. Same goes with your numbers…Once your body begins to adapt, things will need to change in order for you to continue seeing results.

13. You’re environment sucks. Not having the enough support or surrounded by those who are on the same mission as you within a positive group atmosphere. Your Environment is everything but
your ASSOCIATION with right people can make or break your results.

Almost forgot bonus reason number 14…

You’re waiting for the ‘perfect time’ and continuously keep thinking about it… but never take action

So take ACTION NOW….

Because you CAN finally overcome your
struggles and change your body for good

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