The Biggest LIE you keep telling yourself -

The Biggest LIE you keep telling yourself

After last weekend’s memorable moments..

(I got engaged just incase you’re just now
tuning in)

I received so much love from family and
friends from all over..

No, I’m not trying to get all mushy with you
(stay with me here)

From multiple messages & phone calls

The gratitude that was expressed was
priceless and I truly am grateful for those who reached out to

show us some love

Out of all of the messages though

There was one in particular that stood out to
me the most…

A guy I haven’t spoken to in a while sends me a
message saying:

“Congrats to you man..Now you don’t have to
workout anymore..”

To be fair to my friend I know he was joking
(forgot to mention the lol he sent right after)

but deep down this is the kind of mentality I
see amongst not only guys who are getting

but Men who have been in relationships for quite

and have the following mindset

‘I’ve got my woman, she loves me for who I


‘I’m comfortable with the way I am, I don’t
need to change..’
(more on this whole comfort
thing for a later post)

^Saying all of this just because they’re in a
relationship or have been in one for quite
some time..

Which blows my mind

Of course your partner or better half loves
you for who you are

Hell, they might have even met you when you
were in a slightly chubby state..

QUIT thinking in terms of vanity

Instead try thinking in terms of living life
at your maximum potential

More Energy

More Sex

More Confidence

More Vitality (aka more POWER and better overall health)

Things that will impact your life in a BIG

You won’t believe how many guys I originally
speak to

that just want to finally have the
energy to not only DOMINATE at work, but come
home to those they love and still have the
energy within them to be more active


CONFIDENCE might not be an issue as far as
their personality goes, but the fear of
turning into every other person within their

Who have let them selves go

and down the line have eventually had to rely on medication just to do everyday activities…

That’s a road they would have given anything
to get off of

Maybe that’s a road you’re currently on..?

All I know is that it’s never about vanity
for the guys that end up within the realms of
the LostFit Elite Family

Their health and ability to SHOW up for those
they care for the most is normally the
driving force behind WHY they began in the
first place

So I ask you this today my friend..

Are you in a situation where your health or
body is not up to par..


Are you in a position where you are just
‘kind of’ out of shape, but know if you don’t
do anything about it, the problem will only
get worse?

These are realities that these busy working professionals finally
faced and decided to do something about

These men found the solution

and this solution is here:

Logan ‘The path to getting you Unstuck’ Henry

PS This old guy I know is literally turning

back time at an age you wouldn’t believe..

I’ll share these goods with you tomorrow

Stay tuned my friend


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