Can you spot the difference? -

Can you spot the difference?

Me being located in one of the most beautiful
cities around

(of course I’m biased 🙂

is that there are beaches near by

And even in the month of October and November we get to
venture out on the glorious beaches

Short sleeves and all..

Do to this awesomeness

I sometimes surprise the Elite guys who are
being coached in person to train amongst a
different terrain

(makes the online coaching guys a tad jealous, but they
get to have their fun a couple times a year, so yeah, they understand)

I guess you can call it

‘being one with nature’ (without the hippy
chants and of course way more MANLY)

I find that when the body gets tested amongst
new elements

Things are kept exciting

and new challenges are set to be CONQUERED

Needless to say the guys did awesome as
always and gave it their ALL

Sometimes giving it your all can be a hell of
a feat

When your mind’s telling you one thing, but
your body is doing something completely

Sound familiar?

See as you work hard physically

Your brain will begin to play you like a fool

Telling you

‘Listen, you’re tired, it’s been a long week,
you can just stop now


‘Just go to the point of good enough..and at
least you did something, right?’

These never ending stories in your head are
all set up to hold you inside your own
comfort zone

The problem is the only time you will ever
see the change you want to see in

Your Body

Your Business or Career

Your Relationships

Is to face that slight bit of discomfort

and reap the reward that lies on the other

You never know what you’re capable of until
you actually do the

ONE thing you’ve been avoiding

like this here:

Logan ‘it’s all in your head’ Henry

PS 2 guys go head to head in a challenge

One’s in shape, one’s out of shape

Out of shape guy REIGNS victorious

Only difference..

I explain in this quick video here:

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