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7 PROVEN Ways to STRIP Away Your Fat for Good

So you want to take a stand and kiss that
belly fat goodbye..?

You want to finally be that person that walks tall
because you know you’re in control of your life

And you have the actual body & health to back it up?

Well, you’re in luck my good friend…

because today I’m going to drop some serious
knowledge bombs on you so you can start
moving forward in getting the results you

1–>Don’t Slash Calories

It’s true that you’re body needs to be in
somewhat of a deficit to drop the pounds

but if you try and cut too much too soon

You will be doomed

and your fat will be there
to keep you company during the upcoming holidays

2–>You must AVOID fad diets and Instead opt
for slow habit changes, that will give you
sustainable results

Sounds boring I know

but if you don’t do this in the beginning

It will wreak havoc on your hormones and will
have you adding the poundages right back on

3–> Focus on balancing out your hormones
instead of constantly restricting your

Another pitfall if you decide to try and beat
the system (aka: your body)

by restricting overall caloric intake by too

Your hormones will fight against you

and all CHAOS will break loose.. (well sort

You will experience:

Raised Cortisol Levels: the hormone that
kicks in when stress is at an all time high
(having your body hold onto body fat)

Reduced Thyroid: Which will have your bodies
temperature levels fall deep

and having you feeling like LEO in the final
scene of Titanic

Not just that

Your metabolic rate will be that of turtle
(meaning you will not burn nearly as many

So yes my friend..

I would think twice before restricting those
calories by too much

**Follow a highly effective training protocol
and make sure you’re intaking enough
nutrients throughout the day

4—> Don’t think in terms of ‘I’m on a diet,
I can’t eat that’

Instead aim at having predominately whole
foods within your diet

but always remember BALANCE is key

Aim for 10% of getting in what you enjoy

This will help your results be sustainable
long term..

Let the ‘chicken and broccoli’ clan take
their rants elsewhere

You live a busy life


The last thing you need to do is live it like
a hermit

5—> K.I.S.S

No, I’m not looking for a smooch here my friend





Don’t try and overcomplicate things

Out of everything your one goal should be to


Start with changing 1 or 2 habits each week

In areas like






^Whatever it is start small and stay
consistent with one thing before moving on to
the next

6–>INVEST in support & Guidance

I will tell you now I would have never
accelerated to where I’m at today unless I
had the support I do from my coaches

People who have higher skills than me

Showed me the way

No more guesswork

While every other person you know is ranting
about the latest P90x workout they did

Or all the Crossfit workouts that nearly killed them (yet
they still look exactly the same)

You finally can get ahead and achieve more in the
next 90 days than most do in 9 months (injury free)

7–> Take OWNERSHIP and Do the work you said
you would do

Change is never easy

And you will resist it as much as you can

You’re not alone..this happens to me all the

but if you set out to change your body (or
any area of your life)

Own your words and take the necessary ACTION
to achieve it

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Logan ‘K.I.S.S.’ Henry

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