The one thing you need if you want to see results faster -

The one thing you need if you want to see results faster

Flashing back to about a week ago

I had a great little reunion with some family

And enjoyed spending time with everyone including my dad

Which was great considering I only see him a couple times a year


We got to talking about the ins and outs of working out

I explained to him that exercise itself is much more than moving from point A to point B (that is if you want results)

I told him that you need to go into every exercise with an

INTENTION on where you’re going inside the movement

So it got me thinking about how this can apply across the board inside any area of life

Whether it be

Your Body

Your Mindset

Your Relationships

Your Career

Everything simply comes down to the commitment you have within yourself

For example:

If you want to have a better physical body

And drop say 20 pounds of fat…

So you can

Increase Body Confidence

Increase Energy Levels

Increase Capacity to produce at a higher level inside your work life

Whatever it might be

Those are all intentions you have based on the commitment you made to yourself to show up and do the work necessary to get the results you want

Knowing that what you wanted is TRULY what you really wanted

So I ask you this, my man

What are your intentions?

Across the board:






And your mission…

Get clear on ONE area and determine what your intentions are and what plan of action you’re going to take to get to what you ultimately want

Which is the same thing every guy has done inside the LostFit Experience

And it’s what you will learn when you check out this documentary here:

Logan ‘Intention’ Henry

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