RE: the post -

RE: the post

So after having long busy days

I usually tend to close the night off
spendings some relax time with my better half

She usually fills me in on the latest drama
that’s happening over on the good ole

From funny

to sad

to straight up disturbing..

I get to hear about it

and the other night there was a post she
couldn’t wait to tell me about

Long story short

Close friend of ours wrote a book

but was nervous in posting the first few

Seeming afraid of what others might think

My love being the badass she is said this:

‘The greatest enemy of success is fear! Post
that shit!’

(A little of me must have rubbed off on her

Which now brings me to my point

and why this applies to YOU my man

Everything you want lies on the other side of
your fear..

Everything that is NEW..

And will give you the ability to access all
levels of POWER

Within your Body

Within your Relationships

Within your Business or Career

It’s going to require you to leave what you
already know in search for something new

^In between your current situation and the


Fear that’s created in our minds as to why we
can’t do something..

In our friends case..

She created this story in her head that bad
things would happen if she posted her work
for anyone to see..

Afraid of being judged by others (more on
this in a later email)

In your world how often are you creating
these mythical stories in your head that are
holding you back from what you truly want..

It might be so difficult for you to face,
that you never even give yourself a chance..

Maybe it’s in your BODY..

You’re overweight

You’re Embarrassed by having to cover things

You’re Constantly Unhappy

You’re Constantly Stressed

An you want to make things happen in your
life physically, but you’ve created this big
story in your head saying to yourself

“It’s going to be so painful”

“It’s going to be horrible”

“It’s going to be awful”

“What will others think of me”

All these thoughts pop in your head and you
surrender without even trying..

You don’t even attempt to make the changes

that will in the end IMPACT your entire life
for the better

I knew our friend was nervous to post the
work she had put together

But she took a chance

And though it might seem so small to most

It was a big feat for her to do..

So take a second

Look across the board inside all areas of
your life..

Including the area of your health and

What if you took a look at your current
situations and you knew things needed to
change in your life

And the only thing holding you back is fear
based stories that you keep telling

That is holding you back from getting to
experience that fulness and wholeness within
your life..

2nd thing you can take away from this..

What is one thing you can do today to tackle
and overcome that fear..

Logan “Resist Resistance” Henry

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