The Truth About Results -

The Truth About Results

“Truth is like poetry and most people
f*%*ing hate poetry.”

A classic quote dropped inside the movie:

“The Big Short”

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s some
context for you:

The housing collapse in 2008 was widely due to
the fact that with the rise of housing prices
people had to keep borrowing money…

So in order for the banks to continue to make
money themselves.

They would end up selling crap loans known as
‘subprime’ loans to buyers who couldn’t even
afford to pay them back.

Pretty messed up eh.

Basically lying to people.

Giving them a false sense of reality by
telling them they could have something.

When in reality they really couldn’t and in
the end a lot of people became hurt by it.

Which brings me to my point today.

No matter how bad it hurts…

The TRUTH will always take the REIGN for
producing the results you want.

See, I hear it from guys all the time.

I want to get fit, have more energy and
finally have my confidence back.

I want to be a better father, husband, and
a role model for those I care for most in my

I want to show up as a leader to set an
example for those inside my company.

I don’t want just some of me, I want it ALL.

But guess what I’ve learned…

You don’t.

Because If you really did YOU would do it.

You would get help and just do it.

You would do whatever it took.

Regardless of the scenario like:

‘I don’t have time’


‘I’ve already tried everything’

This may sound harsh, my man.

But it’s the truth.

I love motivational stuff.. and most days I
show you exactly HOW you can do it.

How others have done it.

But sometimes the truth helps us more.

Getting called out on our own crap.

Just as my coaches have pointed out to me

If you really wanted it you would either have
it or be working at it.

And I like YOU perhaps.. wasn’t or I was
lying about my current reality.


Blaming my situations on everyone else around
me and constantly making excuses.

Problem is…

The only person that can change our life is

No matter how much you ‘hope’ for or wish
that something was different.

No one is coming to save you.

No one is going to do it for you.

And I feel your pain, I do.

I’m walking through the fire with you.

I’m doing the best I can every day to make
the vast changes I need to get what I really
want in life,

And it starts with this:

‘It’s not about what you have to do.. but WHO
you have to become’

This is exactly what I coach with amongst the
men within the LostFit Brotherhood.

Everyone arrives looking for a step-by-step
plan. (Don’t worry you get a very good one
fit specifically for you)

But they end up achieving more than they

Better Body.

Unbeatable Mindset.

Better Relationships.

Thriving Careers.

So today I’d have you consider you have what
you have because of the way you think…

And until you change how YOU think.

You will always keep saying…

‘I already know what to do I just can’t do

‘I need motivation.’

‘I haven’t got time.’

The real questions is:

WHY don’t I have what I want?

I can’t have it all because __________.

^Do you know this to be true?

Take a moment, think about it.

And if you know you need help…

I’ll be ready when you are.

And if that’s now then:
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Coach Logan Henry, Founder and Lead Transformation Coach, LostFit

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