The 5 things you keep doing (and WHY they're killing your results) -

The 5 things you keep doing (and WHY they’re killing your results)

‘Well they say if you do this that you will
get this..”

^A classic saying that I’m sure you’ve heard
uttered by someone somewhere before

Regardless of the topic..

People believe ‘they’ are right

Especially with all the non sense tossed
around in the health and wellness industry

Its hard to grasp whats right and whats wrong

Because in all reality…

Who the hell is ‘they’ and how are you
certain they’re right..?

Lets cut the small talk, breakthrough the BS
and get this party started, my good friend:

1) Eat the majority of your carbs at

Most fitness peeps or gurus will have you
believe breakfast is the most important meal
of the day

Far from it

Its actually the LEAST important meal of the
day and you should be saving that lumberjack
appetite of yours for later in the day

Note: that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good breakfast

just that it’s not the most important meal of the day

2) Eat every 3 hours to jumpstart your

Listen and listen clearly

You stoke your metabolism by training

Thinking a quick 15 min jog on the elliptical
and eating every 3 hours will fire up your
metabolism is a great pipe dream

but its FAR from reality

Train Smarter and have a eating regimen that fits your lifestyle..

Don’t become a slave to food

3) You need to eat solid food (or have a
pre-workout meal before you train)

Unless you plan on heading straight to the
toilet the moment you begin to train..

I’d hold off on that meal for later


Leave at least a 2 hour window after eating solid food

before hitting your workout


4) Cardio burns fat

(all depends on if you’re doing the right kind of cardio) 

If I was the ruler of all gyms or any fitness

I would personally burn every last piece of
cardio equipment

And unless you’re trying to escape from post
apocalyptic zombies..

STOP with the constant running

O and if you have ever experienced some
boring trainer that told you to get on a
cardio machine for a ‘warm-up’

you have my permission to go back and tell
them they’re wrong

5) Eating after 6:00 will make you fat

This one literally takes the cake for the
biggest piece of BS I’ve heard

You will actually see better results if you
push the boundaries

and start eating like a real human being even if it’s 9:00 at night..

You’ll be fine.. I Promise

If you want to show up as a more Confident, more


ACCELERATE your results

Then please

Breakthrough the BS

and stop doing these 5 ridiculous things

Just like I teach my guys inside the LFit
elite arena inside here:

Logan ‘Who are they’ Henry

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