Next Stop Paradise: (Avoid this ONE thing if you want Results) -

Next Stop Paradise: (Avoid this ONE thing if you want Results)

Had some great feedback the other day for
some upcoming video Q&A

Got some excellent questions, but one in
particular stuck out to me..

‘Logan, love the emails and I’m excited to
see the upcoming videos, but quick question..

Every time I try to get back in shape I
always start out with the greatest
intentions, but midway through I fall off

Any suggestions on how to stay consistent and
avoid this from happening?’

I understand completely..

Staying on point and keeping consistent can
be a tough, but let me break down how to
avoid this trap..

Before, I break this down..

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1. Having Uninformed Optimism

Also known as “Bright & Shiny Object

“Bring it on” “This time will be different, I
just know it”

People looking for the magic pill Those who
are always ” starting on Monday”

This can also be known as the “Rainbows, Fairies, and Unicorns Phase..”

Motivated, Pumped, and Ready to kill it..

However..this never lasts long

2. Next up: Informed pessimism

When you actually realize it’s actually going
to require you to put in work

It’s not going to be as EASY as you initially

(Simple never means easy)

Have you ever played golf…?

Prime example of this

In this stage you will feel constant
resistance and begin telling yourself the
usual stories…

“I’m fine”

“Things are ok”

“I’m happy just as

I am” “Could be worse..”

3. The infamous Valley of Despair

This is where most surrender or quit..

ALL the benefits you once envisioned in the
beginning don’t seem as important..

All you feel is constant resistance, pain,
and frustration

The goal or payoff seems way out of reach..

People end up  taking the easy route and end up
looping right back into the crap they were
doing before..

So how do you take control and charge at warp
speed through the valley of despair and reach
the sacred land of results…?

It boils down to your level of commitment..

Are you going to do what you said you were
going to do…?

Yes or No (Maybe doesn’t cut it)

It’s that simple

To top it off, write this one down my friend

“Only when the pain of staying where you are
becomes more painful than the pain of change,
will change actually happen”

4. Then we have Informed Optimism

You show up every day

Your consistent DAILY actions are on point

That is what will determine your results

Don’t worry about perfection…

Strive for consistency

Detach from the outcome..

Keep training and hitting the gym Keep
conscious of your food intake Keep MOVING


From the process..

It’s when you’re not seeing results for your
efforts put in, that you will learn the most

Difference of surrendering in the valley of
despair and pushing into informed optimism..

Learning your lessons

Then all the actions you put forth will begin
to bear all the fruit you’ve been longing for

Because when it comes down to actions done

Habits are born..

And habits will determine RESULTS..

5. Finally, we have success and FULFILLMENT

AKA–>The Holy Grail

One thing people don’t usually talk about
when it comes to achieving a results is..

Keeping SCORE

How do you know if you’re winning or moving
forward if you don’t keep score?

Another key to leave you with..

Lack of scoring leads to
more–>Rationalization about why you failed..

You end up blaming others for your failures

Logan “Charge the Valley” Henry

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