They are lying -

They are lying

I remember it like it was yesterday..

The room was filled with several coaches who
were looking to level up in all areas of life

Not just help transform other peoples
lives,but their own lives as well

What am I speaking of here…?

Let’s travel back in time to

a few months back when I was in florida to
increase my level of knowledge so I could
give back even more to those that I was

You’re LYING

^This is what was said when the head coaches
went around the room and asked everyone what
they truly wanted

and than they came to me on what I really

Asking me some brutal (yet eye opening)

With all these other guys watching as I

What I really wanted

Why was this important to me

Why hadn’t I achieved it yet

What was I so scared of..?

On an on they kept questioning us until the
TRUTH was revealed

It was seriously one of the most challenging
days of my life

Stepping back and not sugarcoating

Laying it ALL out for everyone to see

Getting REAL, Raw, & Relevant to what we
wanted MOST in life




Though during this moment I was terrified

When it was through, I felt like a HUGE
weight had been lifted off of me

I let it all of my chest, nothing was held

Not having to walk on egg shells, just be
REAL and say what you want

They were right

Everyone was lying (including me)

I didn’t have time

It didn’t phase me of what other people
thought of me

I was really giving it my all (aka ‘my “so
called” best’)

^Complete lies

It’s like I was just playing at life..

Merely getting by so I could just be

I realized (as did the rest of us) we have
the POWER to get anything we want

We just have to commit to what we said we
would do

These stories might be on constant playback
inside your own head..

These are similar to the stories of the guys
that I get speak with each week about getting
what they want inside their own lives (i.e:
better body for starters)

They end up realizing that once they’ve
obtained this POWER back in their
lives..they’re unstoppable

Not only unstoppable in their own lives, but
for their loved ones and those that mean the
most to them at home

The main problem with most fitness outlets or
typical programs

isn’t necessarily the knowledge or the plans
(that will of course come)

It comes down to BELIEF



That you can actually achieve what you are

There’s so much negative

That hardly anyone ever believes in
themselves anymore

So today I would have you consider to get
REAL with yourself

Be honest..write it down and share it with
one person..

Because in all reality, the time we have is

Tomorrow isn’t promised

And it would a shame to go through everyday
life feeling like deep down, you’re not the
person you know you can be..

All you need is GUIDANCE

Just like ever other ambitious busy working
guy is getting inside here:

And discover more about what we do inside the

because regardless if this is sounds cliche..

It’s truly life changing

In the next 30 days YOU could finally

show up as the best version of yourself



Stay ‘Ok’

and in all reality be truly miserable with
how you’ve let things get

Your choice..

Logan ‘Quit Lying’ Henry

PS Still haven’t forgot to tell you about the
biggest things that stop most

people, guys especially,  from ever reaching out in the first

Possibly will go into that tomorrow

Depends on how I feel my friend

Until then stop wasting time

and click the link to get more info

and to hear from those  who were
in the same situation as you months back

Here’s that link I was telling you about


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