Think you're a loser? -

Think you’re a loser?

So this past weekend me and the misses got to
check out a little rom com flick called:

“My Man is A Loser”

(I know, I know, romantic comedy..but hey
sometimes you gotta take one for the team,
plus I’m not going to lie this one had me


Here is the gist:

3 guys in their early 40’s are living in

2 are married


1 is your proverbial bachelor (played by none
other then Uncle Jess himself: John Stamos)

John is coined as the ‘relationship doctor’

Where regardless of what relationship the guy
is in


You name..he can fix it

That being said the other two lads were going
through some struggles within their marriages
and turned to Stamos to help out

Crazy right?

Guys that have been married for years taking
advice from Mr.single..

Needless to say he made things right

but the point of the whole movie was simple

To fix relationships of any kind

You must be willing to just…

Wait for it..


To show up as the guy who is in CONTROL of
his life

From his body to his career

to his ability to stay present amongst the
very people he loves the MOST

Most busy guys I come across think only one

“I’m there to provide”

Why yes you are..

That’s what us men do

but that’s only half the equation and is
simply not enough

You must think of the entire picture..

Imagine if you could have so much energy you
could literally show her your wild side every

Work became effortless because you now have
the focus and clarity to DOMINATE the day

(while not relying on an overdose of
caffeine to produce at your highest level)

You were able to run circles around your
little ones without tapping out early because
of how winded you got..

Truth is that’s an easy reality to have

You just have to be willing to step outside
of your comfort zone


Set high standards for your overall health
and well-being

Something these busy guys within the LostFit
family committed to a long time go and life
has never been the same

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greatness within your own life here:

Logan ‘Show Up’ Henry

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