Is this what's holding you back? -

Is this what’s holding you back?

The drive to continue can be especially hard
in any area of life my friend

I’m all about taking action..

Motivation is the starting point, but the
equation below basically sums it up..

Talk-Action= NOTHING

You can say your going to start something,
but until you actually do, it means nothing

We all struggle with resistance everyday..

Procrastination can be the most potent form

Though procrastination is usually in

Behind a 4 letter word that 99% of the time

is completely irrational

Meaning it’s false evidence that to you

and the story you’ve made up in your head is

It keeps people stuck in the same rut




Spinning their wills, they’ve tried this diet
or that program

Until they’ve had enough and feel like

“What is this word you speak of Logan?”

The word, my friend is…


(BTW I suffer with it too-I’m only human)

See I really don’t care about the excuses
that people give into as of why they aren’t
in the shape they desire right now..

The reason they aren’t is very simple.

They’re truly TERRIFIED.

Coaching those who everyday are successful in most aspects of
their lives




but the one thing that is the backbone to all
of the above is going by the waste side


Body & Health

Because their scared

Scared of uncomfortable change

Scared of what others might think

Scared of being criticized

Scared of failing Scared of the typical “I
told you so”

and you know what?

“JUST DO IT” does NOTHING to help the
situation either

(that’s usually said by people living a lie

___How to Conquer Your Fear___

Fear is an EMOTION

Behind every fear you have is exactly the
person you want to be

It’s usually caused by mass amounts of

Thinking that is a false sense of reality..

Is what your thinking actually TRUE

I GUARANTEE you it’s not

how do I know this?

because it hasn’t actually happened yet

Your stressed and scared for one simple


^^is this not true..

Telling yourself a different story

one that

keeps you where you are

in your comfort zone

**Fixing it comes down to a few key things

1) Get clear on what it is you resist (your

2) Create a plan that breaks down exactly
what it is you want (your goal)

3) figure out how your going to get there and
by what time (write an exact date and time

4) Celebrate certain progress made along your
journey- (your victorious benchmarks)

5) Turn the one thing you “should do” into
the thing you absolutely “MUST DO”

Easier said than done, right?

All the above is great info if applied every
single day,

but that’s just it

Information will help, but the one thing that
will take you to the next level..


-someone guiding you past all the BS -someone
who keeps you on point

-someone that’s there when your life gets


-someone to hold you to all the things you said
you we’re going to do

^^^true accountability ^^^

Speaking of accountability..

It’s the #1 thing that was lacking through
all of these guys before they entered this


They had enough and finally..

took ACTION and let their RESULTS speak for

So I’m here not to simply motivate you, but
to give you the tools needed to take
appropriate action

Next time you start your day, figure out the
most challenging task and knock it out first
before anything else

Could be training for an hour or taking a
nice walk

Could be getting to work and knocking out

Could be taking time to be fully present (no
phones or devices) around the ones you love

Could finally be doing that one thing you’ve
been putting off for far too long just
because it scares you

APPLY this to everyday, even the weekends and
watch how things unfold

To fighting resistance,

Logan “keeping you accountable” Henry

PS Accountability is truly one of the main
reasons people join our our elite coaching

Accountability and support from guys on the
same mission as you is the missing link in
all of it

You can check what’s open here:

Or just keep jumping from plan to plan

Pissing about wasting your time and money

The choice is yours
















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