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Unsolicited Advice…

Whether it be at a nice restaurant, a nice
resort or even a classic cool wine bar, there
are plenty of these lurking about…

What am I talking about here?

I’m talking about the creepy, old, divorced

Usually in his late 60’s early 70’s.

He continuously roams about entertaining
others with his wisdom and experiences over
the last several decades.

And usually likes to drop down some
unsolicited advice.

For example:

Just last week the better half and I went on
an epic date night and as luck would have it
we encountered one of these guys during our
first stop.

Now, remember he likes to entertain so when
he sees new people enter his domain
(especially women) he’s on it like white on

And that he was, my friend.

The moment we sat down at our table he b
lined straight for us.

I won’t bore you with all the introductory
“hey, haven’t seen you guys here before.. and
the whole part about how he’d been divorced

Instead, I’ll cut right to it.

He looks me straight in the eye and says:

“When you get my age, son, there’s two things
that you’re going to enjoy the most. That is,
really nice cars and useless boners.”

Of course, this had both of us laughing…

And don’t get me wrong here, he was funny
as hell and had some good wisdom to drop off.

But under the sedation of the jokes and the
unsolicited advice he was giving…

What I saw from my perspective, was a lonely
guy who hustled his ass off to get the
success that he wanted, but he let everything
else fall behind with him.

And this is something I see too often, when
it comes to busy guys, who For years, they
sit there and they ignore everyone else
around them.

Eventually what ends up happening, is the
very thing that they’re working so hard for,
they end up losing.

Even though they seem jolly in their own way,
what they’re doing is searching for

They’re searching for connection they once
could have had, but lost because of being
blinded by always being “busy.”

This loss of connection eventually leads to
the same pattern of pure sedation.

Sedating with laughter, food, booze, porn..the
list goes on.

Listen, don’t get it twisted, I’m not here to
judge because I don’t know what my future
withholds or what kind of obstacles lie ahead
for me and my relationships

But what I do know is this.

I will make it my duty and my obligation,
every day, that not only will I show up for
my wife and do more than my very best to
provide for her and my future family.

I will also do everything in my power to
remain present and do what I can to be the
man, she met when we first started dating.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Most busy guys have this mantra of being
one-sided in a relationship and thinking that
because they provide that they can neglect
everything else that got them in that
relationship in the first place.

They either have completely let themselves go
inside their body, they let their
relationships go to crap, and they’re
constantly focused on the money.

When in the end, that hustle, hustle,

Just gets them to a point to where the very
things they were working so hard for they
eventually end up feeling empty and losing it

Becoming so miserable and disconnected that
they don’t know where they’ve ended up.

It’s an equation for an inevitable burnout.

that they were working so hard for,
eventually losing it all or becoming so
miserable and disconnected that they don’t
know where they’ve ended up.

It’s an equation for an inevitable burnout.

Consider today, that you have the ability to
show up as a high-performing machine every
single week.

And still have the ability to save that
precious time connecting with those you care
for most in your life.

Because here’s the thing, once you’ve figured
out instead of trying to be busy and hustling
and you’ve figured out how to leverage time
so that you can actually have a love life.

You can have a body with energy reserves to
be active for the long day after the work is

You can be a strong protector and an example
to your family, setting the higher standards
for you and them.

Put all that together, your bank account will
benefit right away.

Society is conditioned to be like, “Oh, well
I guess you’re successful,” so let’s just
turn our heads at the fact that you’re not
showing up as the man you should be for your family.

I say to hell with that..why not have success
and connection.

Because in the end, if you’ve lost
everything in between and you’re that lonely
guy, lurking about.. then take a second and
realize where your life is headed.

And if you want it to begin heading in the
right, direction so you can have success, sex, and REAL connection with those you love most.

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