The Crude Difference Between Winners And Losers -

The Crude Difference Between Winners And Losers

Overcoming the drift…

Because let’s face it, my man, life is far
from perfect.

And well…

Shit happens.

Especially in the realm of reaching the
results you want inside any area of life.





The list goes on and on…

It’s a guarantee that you will be tested and
something is bound to occur that will throw
you off course.

But it comes down to the decisions you make
during this time, that become come crucial to
your success or your failure.

Do you decide to claim defeat and quit?

Do you decide to use it as an excuse to give

Do you decide to get back up and become the
last man standing?

Remember, there are no losses in life, only

Which brings me to 3 things you can do when
the drift begins to occur…

1.) Look Back at How Far You’ve Come

Stop focusing on the ideal place you’d like
to be at and start to appreciate what you
have already done.

This will show you not only the progress
you’ve already made, but will give you the
ability to tap into confidence and realize
that there are things you do now that you
could never do before you started.

2.) What’s the lesson?

There’s a lesson in everything (yes, even the

Write out what made you fall of course in the
first place.

Write out what you learned from it.

Write out the ONE thing you plan to do this
week to get back on track.

Write out How you will make that happen.

Consider the last one there the most vital of
them all.

3.) Seek Guidance & Support

Support from a coach and a group of men
facing the same struggles as you and are only
on a mission to better themselves is hands
down the best way to overcome the dreaded

Which reminds me…

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