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Why I’m wrong about this (and so are you)

It’s the unknown..

It’s what holds us all back from going after what we truly want..

Fear of failing or getting NO results yet again

Fear of being embarrassed or looking ridiculous (maybe even feeling stupid)

Fear of what others might think

^All leading us down roads to absolutely no where..paralyzing us
in our tracks..preventing us from ever even taking action

“If you take no action, you can guarantee there will be NO results”

^expressed by that of sir ghandi himself

No action can leave you with all of this:

-A career or job you despise

-A body you can’t stand

And keep you in a downward spiral towards crap you hate and only
leaving you wanting more

I know exactly how this feels my friend

I’ve been there through everything (still battle with it at times)

Just like the wise man himself expressed above (ghandi incase you forgot)

Without Action there’s no results..

Action will always alleviate Anxiety

Which I’ve found that even when you avoid taking action and doing things
that might scare you a little, you still end up in discomfort

So my question for you is this

What’s worse..

A slight small stretch of discomfort to take you out of your rut and push you
to the results you ultimately want


A life filled with regret because you never decide to take the steps necessary
to get out of your situation

“On the other side of fear, lies the person you ultimately want to be”

^ponder that thought for a second

So how do I conquer fear when it creeps my way..(which it does often)

–>Take small steps, become CERTAIN on what it is you really want, commit to it, and
don’t try to achieve your goals all in one day

–>Question my thoughts..What’s the worse that can happen? Can I be certain that what I’m
thinking is true? In the end it’s never as bad as the story you’ve played back in your
head time and time again

–>Get some actual support and help. It’s why I have coaches who guide me and know exactly
what it’s like to overcome these thoughts

Overcoming obstacles are a lot easier to hand when you are associated with others in
the same situation as you

This is yet another push for you to start taking some action today

When you finally stop over analyzing

and just take a leap forward

You’ll be blown away by the results that will come your way

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Logan ‘Facing Fear’ Henry

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